Being unwanted and lonely is a curse that one can have in his or her life. In my school days I used to have a school friend of mine who tried to socialise with people because of the previous image she had made in people's mind of being atypical nerd. So today I'm going to share some pages of her dairy which narrates her thoughts about days she spent in loneliness .

"The day I learnt about the discrimination in genders I found myself more as a girl than a human being. I am not saying that I am unhappy being a woman. But I am saying of my true identity. That is the identity of a human being. 

Today we are going to talk over this case. That how the girl child was unwanted and how the girl child is unwanted till now.

The day people made me feel like a girl I understood that this discrimination never gonna leave my back.

There are many friends of mine who were unwanted before and so are now.

From the very past days there was a big chaos in having a girl child in India .

People from the Zamindar family as well the family of a farmer wanted a son just to have a secure life under a male family figure.

Girl child was a burden for her family as she had to get married by giving a huge amount of money but on the other hand a boy would get married by having large amount from his in-laws. So I think people thought that having a son was more profitable than having a daughter.

Still there is a lot more educated and uneducated family families who still consider a girl as a curse on the family.

Many a times people have accused the mother for giving birth to female body inspite of a son. Many a times the family members have beaten her. But they don't understand that this thing is neither in her hand nor in his husband's. But these all are dependent upon the biological sciences. Till now the devilish act of aborting a female zygote takes place frequently.

A mother gives birth to you.

A wife takes care of your home.

A sister supports you in your troubles.

If they all can have an identity in your life despite of being burden, then why a girl child can't have a little place in your home as well in your heart.

These all are very deep thoughts .

I don't understand that inspite of having a very well written Constitution with a whole lot of good thoughts why men have made themselves so fussy over this case.

There are many Laws which can be applied to prevent the unwanted thought for a girl.

The gender declaration before birth is highly restricted in every hospital. But still they are not obeying the rules and destroying the zygote before it could get the figure of a human. 

Just to prevent this kind of stuff we should take this into consideration.

The present female and male ratio of our country is 960:1000 which is very seriously getting backwards day by day..

My say is just to let you know about the fact that not only to balance ratio but let her come to your world to make it more beautiful for you. 

Please let her come. Please let her fly and let her make you feel as a human being."