As we hoisted our national flag on the event of our country's 72nd Independence day in 2018, a question suddenly popped up on my mind, are we really free? I am sure not only me but many youths have pondered over this question. And to my assumption majority of the people's answer would be no . In our daily lives we find many examples where we have to suppress our liberal ideas and have to deny claiming our democratic rights just to survive in this Indian society where power has the upper hand.

In this era of rat race, where there is already a lot of stress present on all the people , especially in the corporate, people involved in service sectors, higher education students etc, there are some thought provoking events taking place at alarming rates which is really disturbing and depressing. People's security is at question nowadays. People are being harassed and assaulted because of their caste, creed , race and religion . People are being murdered on political issues. Religion or communal discrimination has reached its peak in recent times. Communal riots have become common and even used as a political propaganda.

The most striking and depressing fact is the security of women is totally at stake. Women harassment cases are found to have taken a permanent place at the local news paper. The incidents of rape seem to have increased at an alarming rate. The most saddening fact is the souls who have been the victims of rape, whatever their region or religion is, they have not been served with proper justice. Thus we can say that women residing in our country could not safely roam through the streets and lanes of Indian cities.

Other problems such as shackles of corruption and reservation have detoriated the education system. This major problems had made many meritorious students get admitted to universities in foreign lands. This kind of loopholes in the education system is responsible for the brain drain problem in India.

Thus we can say in a nut shell , that though there are many drawbacks in our country's democratic form of government yet we should always try to do best on our own part. We should try to promote and make more aware about the democratic rights as well as the duty as citizens to the common people. This how we can make small but effective contribution to the society.