Human Beings Can Learn From Animals

Praveen Shankar
Feb 17, 2022   •  372 views

Sometimes, human beings can learn from animals and birds, said Ramya, sister of Rahul.

He retorted that how these animals can teach a lesson to humans, it didn't have a mouth to speak, you know that?

Ramya replied Well, my little boy, you know just that but, it can teach a lesson by its behavior. Let me narrate a story for you. Rahul sat near Ramya to listen to the story.

Once upon a time, the proud and prestigious King named Rajaraja Chatur Vedikar ruled the Chaturpur, the capital spot. As he becomes old, he finds it hard to manage his territory. So, he appointed his only son Chatur Manjeshwar as the King. The newly appointed King doesn't know how to rule and maintain his fore-elder's reputation. His father laid on the bed because of a viral fever. Manjeshwar doesn't believe in himself.

He followed what others stated, but he lost two of his ruling sites to his hostile. He depended on all others. Vedikar's health looks as he to be at death's door. He cannot bear the action of a motherless child. He died on the same day and, the funeral was over.

Manjeshwar decided to visit the forest to get out of himself from the current situation. There he saw a bird sitting on a breakable stalk of a tree. It was having its lunch by eating fruits. Suddenly, the wind winnows the branch where it falls on one of the minister's upper head. It doesn't injure him.

Manjeshwar thought that the bird had a downfall, but it had flown away with the help of its wings. By seeing this, the King of Chaturpur understood that birds never depend on the branch, but they trust their own wings. Manjeshwar was determined to believe in himself and stand on his own legs.

Now you understood my little brother? asked Ramya. Yes, you're right. I accept it well. Now I will share this story with my friends too.