With the onset of social media in our lives, correspondence has really become a lot easier and better. It's a great medium to communicate and to get in touch with any person sitting anywhere in the world with just the press of a button. It has several benefits which includes chatting, getting in touch with old friends, being closer to relatives from far off places,etc. The usage of social media has no restricted age groups. It's open to all whether it is a child of 8 or an adult of 80.

Though we see that being on social media has a number of benefits, yet just like everything else it has its cons too. In spite of the fact that social media came into existence for good, some people use this as a platform to indulge in some really heinous crimes. Nowadays cyber crimes have become so common that innocent and unaware people become an easy prey to these cyber criminals.

Most of the crimes occur due to the foolishness of people. They don't understand that social media is not meant to flaunt each and every thing they possess or to let others know where you are or probably heading to. Technical term used for this type of threat is 'Vacation Robberies'.

Another big reason is that people keep their profiles public(open to all). That's one of the biggest mistakes they do. One should keep all their accounts private and should not indulge in friendship with any unknown person.

Common threats caused due to this are:

Buying illegal things

Hacking and fraud

Cyber bullying

One never knows how the person he is talking to, actually is. There are lots of people, better say criminals who are active just with the motive to make a person fall in their trap. If you are a regular user of social media, you must be aware of the fact that you should not post too many personal things on social media.

One may easily find crimes like stealing, body shaming, fraud and identity theft, information warfare, phishing scams, spam etc going on with great rapidity. Therefore it's only upto us who can make sure of our well being and safety by not being in touch with unknown people on social media and not sharing our personal information on it.

In case we ever fall in their trap, we must first and foremost contact the cyber crime cell without any delay. They are there to help us out in our problems. We shall neither hesitate in front of them nor should we hide any detail from them. We are the ones who are responsible for our actions. Thus do not ever trust any unknown person and try to stay safe from all these frauds.