Songs from the movie I watch every semester.

It may seem awkward to you that I watch the same movie every semester at least once. But, it is true and you are left with nothing but to believe. This is about 'Anand'. The protagonist in this movie from 70s is Rajesh Khanna playing as Anand. His character is so engaging and motivating plus to that the script makes it flawless and a must watch.

This man in not ordinary. Despite knowing that his life is not more than of six months, he never ever shows even a slight sigh for himself and kept bringing bliss to everyone he meets, leaving them with mesmerizing memories. He is my dream character, Earth could be such a nice plaec when you have a friend like him. Babu Mushai ( played by Amitabh Bachhan) had this honour.

Okay! I should stop writing the plot and focus on the primary concern. Its time for the songs from the movie.

1. Maine Tere Liye

Life is not something special to just us. Then what is so special? It is the feeling that makes us live for others and not for mere ourselves. We tend to live it for others, make it a better place for our love, family and friends. These memories are so important to us that we prefer living with memories but not a substitute. Indeed! This is a tribute to a 'mutual understanding' we are blessed with.

2. Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye

I wonder if people in 70s must have played this one whenever they might have been travelling or have gone on a long drive. My heart knows every single fact about me. How my dreams srated to sparkle. My dreams! They are only mine.

I would love to revise that feeling too. What about you? What? You haven't heard it. Ahhh! Its okay. Try it now.

3. Zindgi Kaisi Hai Ye Pahelu

I wonder how I switched to this one whenever I'm drowning under the workload or life stress. Life is a riddle, sometimes it makes us enjoy and sometimes; cry. Indeed true. life is not the same everyday. There are ups and down and we have to cherish both. This form of life is temporary, lets not waste it worrying about the dark and accept it with open arms.

4. Jiya Lage Na

This one is sung by Lata Mangeskar I don't think I need to mention anything after that. Anyways, not everyone is blessed and so here is a clue. A woman is singing that she doesn't find any interest in living without her man. Then she starts versing how different life becomes in his presence and absence. Take a pause, relax, plug your speakers, and listen to this.

Thank You!