Ever wonder How a book-cover is selected for a published book? There are many people, many illustrators who are waiting to submit their drawing for the nomination of the book cover. It is their job and for thus, they get paid. Here in this article I will sum up the reasons why a, one and only, picture is being selected to a book. I recently read a light novel, obviously a light one but still the significance of the cover photo mesmerized me.

The title is 'I Want to Eat Your Pancreas'. Yes I know it is bizzare but don't pay heed to this tiffle matter. If you are interested, go and read the book but here, lets point out about the cover.

I first came up with this title when I saw a production-film about this same context, and yes it touches my heart. So in near future I went for the novel as I am quite fond of reading. And after buying a copy when I looked at the cover photo, a certain something clicked in my head. Yes and that follows my work of cracking the mystery behind the selection of this illustration. Now move on to the subject__

Here is the true Illustration by Nicky Lim: -

  • Here the picturesque portrait of a certain incongruous landscape of the storyline is selected as the cover picture of the light novel, “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”, designed by Nicky Lim.

  • The story contains two characters as follows the picture. One Boy and One Girl, who is suffering from pancreatic diseases, where death is the only sublime result for her. So as drawn in the illustration as we can see that the girl is bending over the rails quite happily and gazing onwards the vast scenery of a blurred visionary.

  • So if we represent the railings as the shadow line between life and death, it will be as easy as an obscura of a stable view by your descriptive power. The Sun rays are coming from behind them and stopped by the railing, its glory dies, here the rays represents life source. Where ‘Bending of the Girl’, offers a clear view about her pain in the middle half, presenting her pancreatic pain. She is in pain but still yet smiling and looking onward Transience.

  • Over the railings ‘The Vast Field’ is the future and by blurring it, the illustrator plainly gave us the connotation of the uncertainty of the Future. As I already told you that the railings are the boundary of life and the girl is gazing forward it, so for the girl, looking towards future is nothing but waiting for her own demise. Though the harsh reality is painful to us, she frankly accepted it, a long ago.

  • Now lets focus on the left side of the picture, where the main attraction is the boy though he is not much attracted to the vast field and the scenery. Easily we can manifest his nature by it as he is not much interested in life or future. He is concentrating in his book but we all know that, only book that made him pondered is the diary of the girl. He is reading it thoroughly by the supreme intension to fulfil the girl’s half-hearted dreams before her death but he failed to realise that the original intension of the girl is not in the diary, she only writes it as a medium of communication between them. There ‘The Girl is also Holding Her Diary’ but that is just a trivial matter to her. She only wants to sanctify her last remaining days by making conspicuous memories. The boy fails; the life goes on and the girl dies but before dying she also wrote her quite some feelings of her insulated mind and look – ‘How She is Satisfied’, in the picture, al last by telling her inner-delights to him, she passes away happily. The Sakura Tree between them is the externalities of love or spring which flows a impulsive wind above their life.

So these are my points why this individual illustration is suitable for the book. Obviously you have to see the film or read this book if you want to unleash the depth of your own visionarys but still it is quite interesting matter that what really is lurking behind a 2D Photo. Hope you will find this interesting and if so, don't worry more amazing views of mine, will come in near future.



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