Love, Education, And Crime.* इश्क , पढ़ाई और अपराध।

Sanket Kumar
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Someone can’t force someone to hold someone’s hand. Exactly we are living in the era of 4th industrial revolution, Revolution of data, and there is no denying that world looked forwarded to this only because of social coordination from almost every distinct layer & generation of society that we have gained in last 10 years. Even tough, we still have dispute based on casteism and Communism, not only in society but also within that “Pedantic-Donnish-Conservative” layer & generation of society.

Now coming to the point without beating around bush,

This particular ‘Kaum’ is forcing, their daughter and son: Mentally, Emotionally, Physically or either of these mean to hold the hand of a guy or girl for lifelong as a Life partner without the genuine concern of person getting married, who is doing so, by just coming under the mentioned 3 tricks used by parents. Or say, “they are doing so for the happiness of their parents” most popular dialogue in arrange marriages.

All this is happening in the time when Chandrayan-2’s Orbiter is analyzing the data by itself and sending it to the control station, and here the conservatives with their own kind of data analytics using all the statistics & probability making all the efforts in finding a guy of same caste, and then politely putting him on her hand with all Indian customs of Marriage, otherwise impulsively.

I even hate to say but all this decision is being taken by conservatives from the year dot just based on selective questions like…… is he eligible to lie down on her? (You can’t deny this fact.), is he good to take care of her for lifelong? , is he satisfying all the criteria that I have in my mind? , Hundreds of questions yada yada!!

I just want to ask you One question,I just want to ask you One question, any of you have ever thought what happens to those lovers who had dreamt of getting married and planned their whole life of togetherness?

No offence, but I hope most of you have some shitty argument on it, So, hold your horses if any, as I’m about to describe what they have to go through and what happens with them!!

A shot of Love

I’m pretty sure that you already have had tasted a shot of love, if not, then don’t worry you’ll be having one, soon.

Love: One can fall in with a book, a subject, any object, a Song, a Movie, games, without getting into the details of their caste and creed.

So why particularly, society have problem with, when A Boy or A Girl is falling in love?

What is the cause the not letting conservative society fall asleep, after hearing to a very simple statement: “We want to spend our life together.”?

There is whole lots of thing in this never-ending cosmos for which you can have most sensible, intense, idolize, feelings. Even a Spark of love can turn a Nonsense thing into an extremely sensible one, for someone.

Then supposing yourself, you can imagine the – feeling of affection, enchantment, passion, rapture, idolization, cherish, yearning, you’ll be having for a girl you planned of getting married down the line.


What if some conservative member from her family comes, and take her away in no time, for all time??!!

Now can you picture those disastrous scenarios, what bad can happen than hurting all those emotions, dreams, planning at once?

“Love has power for both: to turn an evil into God; to turn an evil into Devil.”

This situation is going to nauseate you into a perfect BAD ASS, I can assure.: A real Shot of Love.

A peg to Education

We always need to be focused and relaxed i.e... concentrated, not just to study, but to accomplish every single task we want.

It’s a kind of meditative state you live, where you can solve both,

A serene and a sophisticated problem with same ease.



What would come off when you lose it? Means you are not at all concentrated.

Here subsequent to such disastrous thing happened to you, knowing that he or she is alive but taken away and you can’t have him or her back in your life even after all efforts you are making day in and day out.

  • Will you be Relaxed?

  • Will you be giving 100% to your priorities?

  • Would you like to chill out or getting indulged?

  • Would you love to enjoy your hobbies with same interest?

  • Will you be focused?

    Yes, can be, to take revenge from such conservative, or can be to get her back, and on nothing else.

Then what about the constructive, productive and interesting things that you were doing, when he or she had been in your life.

As a matter of fact, yes you are not going to die, but your interest will, indeed.>>>Yes you’’ be living but dead: living dead.

So, worriers are you finding yourself studying now and getting educated as living dead?

“Accomplishment always counts on Achievement, and to accomplish we must be relaxed and focused.”

You are all focused now either to get him or her back, or take revenge, or to stop them getting married to someone else. :A peg to Further Education.

A hooligan Crime


What’s the image coming in your mind? “Obviously guns, knives, bomb, with other killing tools and a kind person, yes kind one, wrapped in blood”, something like this. Maybe you have visualized different as per your fascination toward Criminal.

Why a KIND human being turns into a criminal or a murderer?

Ask it to yourself now!!

Hope you got the answer,:  yes!! something horrifying, awful, outrageous had happened to them in past. And after all the laws and justice of India, he is having only one option: REVENGE.


Why a toddler would grow up, get into relationship with a girl as growing older, after this terrible mess happened to him, will commit a crime?

In India laws and justice of a community and society is more applicable and powerful than constitution, even after almost so called 75 year of Independence.Even after 75 year caste and religion, conservative community and society are more dominating than Happiness of Children, Relationship of Lovers, Prayers of God…

So, that fully grownup toddler is left only with one option, making his own judgement or revenge for a purpose, keeping all the law and justice of this Fucking conserve Society, aside.

This is what called homicide or say hooliganism: being violent, aggressive or killing another person ‘on purpose’ by youth.

We grownup watching Bollywood, having one common scene from 50’s,

WAR FOR PYAAR (LOVE), now saying that most of these are fictional love stories, and so the war scenes. Yes, it is, I totally agree. But:

“Fictions are inspired from Realism; Crimes are inspired from outrages and dreadfulness.”

Wish, in your love story your partner would not need to commit such crime: A hooligan Crime.

That’s about it.

P.S.: This one is written focusing on community that we still have in our society, yes, this one is to hurt their sentiments, their bullshit laws and justice. If you are from those conserve community and getting offended, then do whatever you want Else you are getting hurt then I apologies for that.



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you pened everythingh so well man..
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Tere mazhabh ne mere mazhabh se kuch yoon baat ki... pyaar ki roshni ko mita dia.. gamoo ki raat ki...
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Bohot khub yaar bohot khub
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Great start 😊
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Thanku ji