Healthy, Healthy Orange;
Trendy, Trendy Orange.

To produce different words using the same sound is known as a pun. The quote Orange is the New White is one of a pun which describes the characteristics like robustness and boldness.

The color orange is an amalgamation of two different colors, i.e., Red and Yellow.
To see a sunflower bloom brings a streak of a smile onto our face, and to closely observe the color yellow we can associate it clearly with an emotion called happiness. The color red is the one with the longest wavelength and enormous energy. It brings brightness to our eyes and has a pack full of emotions associated with it. Therefore, the color orange can be called as a happy, energetic color to visualize.

Orange is a color which can highly be regarded as an attraction. In the present era, the color orange has attained a podium. It is the new choice of many, and many. Orange has taken over the color white, in not only the fashion trends but also the car skins, wines, etc. Hyundai, the brand of cars have taken a challenging step to try out a new car skin color, and they are on a successful run. Creating trendy looks for not only our clothes, but also our belongings is the current picture of being a fashion statement.

Orange has an excitement associated with it. It is the color for summers and the scorching heats. Up till now, white was considered as a blowy color for the summers, but presently orange is supreme desire. Orange has an energetic charm associated with it. It can allow one to explore enthusiastically under the blazing sun. On the other hand, the color orange symbolizes autumn. The windy days and the dried up brownish orange leaves spread up to prepare a beautiful carpet for untouched, lonely, the roads not taken!

Orange has a beautiful, peppy fascination allied to it. It is obviously a favorite choice of innumerable beings. From having a gorgeous orange baby blonde to major highlights, orange has become a heart warming shade. From white Maruti’s to shady orange Brezza’s, the folks have enormously progressed. From white blowy tops to lively oranges, the youths have accepted a trendy choice. The shimmery orange shade offers happiness and liveliness and thus has become a new white at the moment.

ORANGE is the color of warmth, strength, happiness, sunshine and above all an enchanter!
Go Orange Peeps!



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This is such a well thought-of topic. After reading this, definitely orange has become my new favorite 🧡