When we look at the previous Presidents of the United States we can see some side to their personality. Example, Obama looks Super mature. On the other hand we can see Trump acting like a spoiled child all the time.

But when we look at Joe Biden, his personality somewhat makes him look like the cool 46th President of the United States. This makes others curious about him. Of Course who wouldn't want to know the secret behind this fabulous man’s success! 

Lay people often come to conclusion like “besides hard work, maybe it's what he eats or perhaps he sleeps on a lucky sofa.Maybe he eats IQ pills! Where does he get that brain from? Oh! If I ate the same brand of peanut butter as him,maybe that would change things for me too.”

Of Course all of these are superstitions, but we all know how fans are! Everyone works hard but definitely; all of them don't become presidents! And that too “PRESIDENT OF AMERICA”!

This makes us question what sets this 78 year old apart exactly then to whom today we know as “46th President of the United States”.

Let’s check out this VIP Man’s routine! And let's find answers to at least some of our questions!

Most News channels who took his interview reported that this cool old guy but young at heart is found to be exercising to make his life run another “100”. They described it as “pumping irons”. My god! Though this may give some a feeling of interesting Geo-physics Classroom. He is actually only ”exercising” every other morning.

After that he makes sure he gets his breakfast! Oh! Yeah! This may give some a “school recess” absurd feeling. But let’s get real, how will this man work! If he does not get his stomach full! 

I mean just imagine a Malnourished President solving issues of malnourishment of America! Wait! Yes, that doesn't sound good. This man needs to eat and be hale-hearty!

Reporters have reported that he loves Orange Juice and chocolate chip cookies.And he has them as a routine without routine. Yes! He eats them whenever he wants! Finally! This man looks a bit human now. I mean his perfectionism looks nowhere to end. But the fact that he too needs to have some comfort food around at any time of hour, makes him one of us.

From a psychological perspective, it looks like Joe Biden won't get depressed ever with that orange and chocolate comforting him! Foodies never get depressed!

Reporters and journalists have observed that this Super President of America also rides a bike, during campaigns. That might look like a bit of a Show off for a president. Historically we imagined presidents and kings to be in some way humble and less likely to show-off . Especially good ones! But this President feels like taking a completely unconventional path. More than show-off this can be called  as “showing confidence” in his followers and his own personal values and political thoughts.

There are a lot of other interesting things to be known about this president. As we get to learn about our own selves. How different we are from them! And do we really need to become like them! Aren't they really like one of us anyway! After all, individuality is what makes a person alive and unique!