Population is a growing problem. There are too many people and little supplies left. There’s a brewing question in the minds of the people. Why is there a rise in population so drastically, when in the 20thcentury, the population was half of the numbers it is now. 7.7 billion people in the world, and the numbers are rising constantly.

What if there was an explanation to this? An unbelievable one, but theorized and sensical explanation? An illogical explanation but something that might makes sense to some. Sitting alone yesterday night, with nothing better to do since I took a leave from my job, I was wondering. Wondering about random things like friends, family, my job, colleagues, and other things. My job was taking up 90 percent of my thinking. I loved my job. It let me see the stars, discover planets, and learn about the void that lay above us. I don’t know how to describe it, but every night, when I looked through the telescope to see if there was anything new and exciting for me to see, I burned with one question, as did my colleagues.

Are we alone? Are we not? Are the aliens living amongst us? What do we even know? I started wondering, sitting there on the sofa, alone. We’re all made up of particles, atoms, molecules and matter. All of us, everything on this planet, this galaxy and this universe. We all die eventually. So, what happens to our souls when we die. Because all the souls need a physical body to house them. And even souls, are made up of something, particles, matter, and all things unknown. It might be that after some point our souls die too. It might be that they live forever. But if they do stay alive, what then?

What if, the rise in population on Earth is because a lot of alien souls are dying, and to house them, they’re finding physical bodies on this planet. The alien souls would try to transfer to our universe and world, taking the form and energy in the form of our world’s souls, which is why, there is an increase in population on Earth. The aliens souls die, but because they don’t find bodies and place where they can live, because of decrease in population. There is only a limit of energy in each universe and world. And because they’re running out, their population is decreasing, which is why they must be searching for new forms of energy and matter. The point is, these souls find new sources for themselves and come to our world.

I didn’t know whether to feel stupid or genius like with this imagination of mine. It was impossible that this would be likely, but then again, what if? It’s all about what if, isn’t it?