The flood water swirled at our feet, rising and ebbing. We desperately looked for an escape route, crammed up on the small space on the roof, while the water poured rapidly. The four of us were desperate for any kind of help we could get, and so were all the other people who’d saved themselves from the lashes of water somehow.

It started yesterday with light rains, and overnight, it turned into heavy rainfall, with trees getting uprooted and such low visibility, that all of the vehicles crashed into each other. Our city was nowhere near any water body. The nearest water body, a river is at least 100 km away. But this morning suddenly, when the downpour was already so high, the houses and apartments started getting flooded with water. Each and every person ran to the top most floor of their houses to save themselves from the water. Trying to contact each other was a fail, as all the communication lines and towers were down, due to the water.

The year was 2037 and the climatic conditions of the planet were restored 5 years ago. The spontaneous efforts of people around the world, planting trees, cleaning the ocean and rivers, cleaning plastic waste, and taking care of the planet as we should have. But recently, governments had started taking advantage of the environment change. They’d launched space stations outside earth’s atmosphere, and made recognizable advantages in technology, but the cons were that it’d harm the ozone layer twice as much as It did in the past.

The flood was getting worse every minute, with the water now reaching our knees. It was at that minute we knew that all hope was lost, maybe for us, maybe for the planet as well. Humans harm their own home so much that it’d reached its last bearing point and was too damaged to fix all the time we mess it up. The water and the trees, the oceans and the wild life are all a part of our planet but treating it like trash made us come back to right where we were a few decades ago.

The water had just started reaching our torso, when large choppers appeared in the sky, with men leaning down holding ropes in their hands, and pushing it down. One by one, all the remaining survivors, 15 to be exact, were pushed up onto the choppers, and all of us were given supplies. Before I understood what was happening, I lost consciousness, and all control of my body and sagged.

I woke up thirsty, in the middle of a lot of people, shouting and talking to each other, passing along parcels of some kind, while I lay on a bed, looking up at the cement ceiling. Looking around once more I search for my friends in the room, just to find them one of them on the bed next to mine, with the other two in the far end of the room. Moments later, a doctor comes stands next to me and starts fiddling with the machines next to my bed, which were attached to my body.

Asking the doctors questions, prying and prodding for answers, he’d finally given in, on the condition that I’d not tell anyone, for it would cause major panic. The flood that happened wasn’t the only disaster that had taken place. There were multiple tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and kinds of disasters happening all around the planet. Major population is already dead, and millions of casualties. Help is being given to all those who can be saved but it’s not enough. Bunkers that haven’t been used for almost 5 decades are being occupied and utilized, and people are being fit in it like jute bags.

According to environmentalists, this was long time coming, but only delayed, thanks to the wake-up call Earth received a few years ago. But the only way to save ourselves now, would be to let all of this die down, and choose a way out of here then. Because if we repeat our mistakes now, there’s no going back.