There was a girl named Rebel who lived in Denmark. She was the only daughter of a well-educated father who always wanted his daughter to give the best education. So, her parents had decided to send her to a boarding school at the very small age of 12. Like all other kids, Rebel also did not want to go for a boarding school and eventually like every child she had to bow down to her parent’s decision.

When she reached in a renowned school, she was very frightened and upset in the beginning but as the time passed on, she started to settled down. But gradually she started to adjust herself in that situation. Rebel has made many friends through which she can relate her story of loneliness, and home-sickness.

One day Rebel met an old man, Mr Johnson who is the magic teacher of the school. He was the most loved teacher of the school as children are always fascinated by magics, tricks, and even magicians. Rebel was also fascinated by him and was learning all his tricks and in one of the test he gave her a potion from which she could have anything she wanted to but for only one time. So, Mr. Johnson had advised her to use this potion very wisely.

Time passed, and Rebel is now a grown-up child. That potion is still with her.

One day, she was getting ready for her farewell party. At the farewell party, she was actively participating in games and are passing all the levels. This was not seen by her best friend because Rebel has also a very good academics. So, her friend Bella wanted to earn the title of Miss. Farewell at any cost.

In the last round, there was a speech competition. Bella knew that Rebel had been given a potion by Mr. Johnson. So, just before the final speech, Bella went to the locker room and had drunk the potion.

When Bella went on a stage, she started to speak the truth about how she had taken Rebel's potion to win the competition. She was very embarrassed by her action but Rebel had rescued her from that situation.

Bella, ashamed and perplexed, looked at Rebel. Then she explained, this drink is meant only for Rebel and if any other person drinks it, they would expose themselves in 5 minutes and this fact could also be not revealed to anyone. Otherwise, the effect of potion would disappear.