Hey, you!

It's been a while, isn't it?

The last time i saw you like this was probably before you saw that ad, right?

You saw that one advertisement on repeat for 4 days and rambled about it for another week. Then it took you another week to convince mom to get you the product.

I tried to tell you we are fine, don't buy that but when have you ever heard my opinion. The product reached home a month later, I remember you hopping around the house like a bunny. And why not, you were about to change your life.

The description said, "Use it gently, spread evenly and apply daily before you sleep and get a glowing skin in 15 days".

You practiced it religiously. I have never seen you following any rule with utmost attention. You were never for rules, were you!? Where did that rebel go?

I know, behind that mask that you put on yourself every night in a hope to get just a tone lighter when you wake up.

Did it work!?


Did it make you suffer emotionally!?


It took you 2 months to realize your skin was not getting any lighter. Finally, you threw it away. You cried your eyes out just like you did when you had your first heart break. You washed your face like a million​ times just to get those 2 months of hope back.


Look at me,

I have never seen you look more beautiful. The tone you have is just perfect. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, These fairness creams add rating beauty on a skin tone scale, those nonchalant aunties remarking you would have been prettier if you were fair, and that guy who chose your fair best friend over you. All this is a scam. For those pea brains who think life is easier if you're fair.

No, it's not.

Life is easier when you love who you are.

No matter what size, shape or colour you are in. The moment we fall in love with our true selves, we open the doors for love all around.

Now, smile and remember!

The next time you hear anyone telling you to try something for your skin, look them in the eye and say NO.

Love The Skin You Are In. ❤️❤️