Women Of This Country Are Not Safe

Ruhin Kapoor
Jun 28, 2019   •  15 views

Women of this country are not safe. You may refer to any newspaper or news channel and it’s a guarantee that there must be some news regarding crime against women. I have read such heinous stories where little girls and even infants have been sexually assaulted. I have chills down my spine when I recall them. I remember reading about a 15-year-old girl in Bangalore who was raped for months by the staff that worked in the society where she used to live. It included security guards, lift operators and cleaners. Imagine the mental trauma this girl will have suffer from for the rest of her life. I hear statements like “a girl is raped because of the kind of clothes she wears” and I feel disgusted by such mentality. No matter what a girl is wearing she does not “deserve” to be raped. Delhi NCR has been called one of the most unsafe cities for women.

The Hindu reported that in 2017 there were 140 rape cases and 200 molestation cases in Delhi calling it “the rape capital of India”. To make matters worse, there was a case registered in which a 22-year-old girl was molested by a group of minors. This stands as an example of where the youth of the country is headed. They don’t understand the concept of consent and are allowed to believe that they can treat women any way they want. The Indian express in 2016 wrote that 6 rapes and 15 molestation cases were registered everyday in Delhi. The scenario in India has been pathetic when it comes to women safety. Times of India in a report mentioned that out of 30,000 rape cases only in 1 of 4 rape cases the accused was convicted. Our country has experienced probably some of the most rape cases in the world and the punishment for their crimes are unsatisfactory. There is dire need for a change in the way these criminals are treated. The laws need to be made such that such criminals fear the consequences. As of now there is a lot of media coverage given to all these incidents but after a while the focus shifts and it turns into just another case that you read about in the papers. Even if the incident leaves an impact on you and you do remember it, you’ll be saddened by the fact that there is no conclusion to the whole outrage. It takes years before a verdict is given. These stories should not be forgotten. The country is being defamed for its lack of action. This needs to change.



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Such a heartbreaking reality you wrote! Hope the scenario changes soon. Would appreciate if you check mine too