Fall in love with the rain

Fall in love with the coffee you enjoy sitting alone in the balcony listening to your favourite playlist. Fall in love with the sunset that you don’t wish to share with anyone else

You find solace in this loneliness

Because when you choose to keep all of this to yourself

You save yourself from all the heartache that you’d have to go through had you shared all this with someone who was never meant to stay

You wouldn’t be able to sit alone and drink your coffee while you listen to your favourite songs because they remind of you them

The sunset that you once loved will seem to have lost it’s beauty

You’llmiss how the rain that once brought you joy now just brings back a series of flashbacks that make you despise it

You’re afraid now

Because this way you wouldn’t just lose your love for the sunset or your favourite songs or the joy that you felt when it was pouring outside

This time you’ll lose yourself

It’ll wreck you

It’ll damage you to an extent where you’ll find it impossible to fall in love no matter how he/she makes you feel

You’ve been broken before and you don’t want to end up feeling like you weren’t good enough or unworthy of being loved

You’ve put up so many walls and you don’t intend on letting anyone through

You want someone who can see how badly you’ve been hurt and who manages to be patient with you

This time you you’re hesitant on what you share with this person. You want them to give you certainty

You’re not settling for anything temporary anymore

It’s either forever or nothing