My Thoughts On The Movie Kabir Singh

Ruhin Kapoor
Jul 02, 2019   •  161 views

Disclaimer: The wrytup has references from scenes of the movie and it has my thoughts about the movie Kabir Singh and everything that you should think about after you watch the movie.

I liked Kabir Singh because of how well the actors portrayed the characters.I’ve been hearing a lot of comments about the movie and how the audience felt that the character of Kabir Singh was very misogynistic.I have a lot of respect for the makers of the movie and the actors because they did a great job.

Here are a couple of things that I disliked the movie:

  1. In the first scene itself Shahid Kapoor who is playing the role of Kabir Singh threatens a woman with a knife to undress.

  2. Shahid Kapoor’s character had some serious anger management problems and the movie glorified the fact that people were scared of him.

  3. There’s a scene in which Shahid Kapoor says “fat girls are like teddy bears” and it was unnecessary. It’s 2019 and fat shaming to make a scene seem hilarious is unacceptable.

  4. Drinking and smoking which as it is has become a big problem in India has been shown like it’s a way of getting over a failed relationship.

5.The scene in which Shahid Kapoor manhandles his girlfriend and slaps her for no apparent reason was vague. I understand that they wanted to show that he had no control over himself and she was so in love that she did not care about how badly he had spoken to her and about her family. In my opinion it sent out a wrong message to all the girls that “love” requires them to stay with someone even if they’re abusive.

6.Shahid Kapoor’s character needed help. His behaviour was unacceptable and the lifestyle he had can be very damaging. His character smoked weed, snorted cocaine and remained intoxicated throughout the day without any kind of remorse. The Indian audience has been very impressionable when we speak of to what extent Bollywood impacts them. A case was registered in Australia where an Indian man had been stalking a lady and when he was arrested, he said he was stalking the lady because in Indian movies that is how the hero wins over the girl.

I know a lot of people have the opinion of watching the movie solely for the purpose of entertainment but times have changed and the Indian audience demands more from a movie. I found the movie a tad bit predictable. I am not against how everything works out in the end in Bollywood but I would have been happier if the lady took a stand for herself. It almost seemed like she was afraid of him and when he said “I like that girl” she just agreed because she saw how he was treated by people around him. Again, I liked the movie for the acting but there were certain things that I hope would have been different.