Is The The Increasing Trend Of Popular Media Featuring Unhealthy Relationships As A Central Theme Regretful?

Mar 30, 2020   •  2 views

How many of you watched Kabir Singh and came out of the theatres feeling sympathetic towards the protagonist ? Kabir Singh,who in real life would probably be a condemnable character is a celebrated hero in his reel life. Popular opinion is that, while such characters attract audiences,they not only form bad role models for children,but also influence a majority of the adult population negatively. Do they,though?

It is important to note that theatres aren’t just revenue earning places for the film industry. People pay for them,because they value the experience they get in those two or three hours. A movie, which is essentially a piece of art that has been created by a lot of people, sure has its impacts on its viewers,but if it could really have those long lasting impacts,wouldn’t all of us be the disciplined over achievers we aim to be after every motivational movie we happen to see? Also, a point to note here is the fact that in real life,NO relationship is perfect. And most often than not,people in these abusive relationships do not talk about them.Why? Because the societal norm is to discuss how good your spouse is,how many gifts your boyfriend has showered upon you for valentines,and how your wife makes the most excellent food you have ever eaten. People watch and like these movies because they reflect a part of the society that exists and can be related to.

The reason it is legitimate for these movies to exist is because it isn’t the burden of artists to teach our children what morality is, and how we should behave with others. It is ours. We cannot thus blame the results of our failed parenting on things that do not factor in in the first place.

Movies like A Star Is Born and Kabir Singh can sure be subjects of public discourse. Whether they should be subject to regret is, however is a very subjective matter. So next time you go for one of these, make sure to grab a bag of popcorn and don’t allow anyone to ruin the experience that you pay for xD.