Plastic is a significant boon and evil in our lives. It is widely used in day to day life activities. Increasing plastic usage not only harms the environment but also affects the biological cycle of living beings. Every day tons of plastic wastes are thrown into the ocean.

Many animals die because of consumption of plastic materials. They eat food that is wrapped in a plastic bag and because of eating the bag, it gets choked in their body and this leads to death.

Plastic! Plastic! Everywhere

Our life is dependent on plastic heavily and this fact cannot be DENIED. Everything we use in our daily life is made up of it. Life without it seems impossible.

So, What do we do? We all are aware that increasing use of plastics is causing a bad effect on our ecosystem. And day by day the effect is increasing.

Dumping area is all filled with plastic wastes.
After we celebrate any festival,the amount of plastic that is generated is much more than the number of wastes generated in any normal days.

For example, on 5 Nov 2016, at the time of Diwali festivalChandigarh sector, 5 ground was completely filled with the plastic wastes in only three days.

The condition remains the same in all cities and villages, it does not matter whether it is a small village or a big metropolitan city.

Of course, we are all trying to find the problem to this solution but the condition is not getting any better. Hence, we have to take some big and serious steps.

How Plastic is taking the life of animals

Plastics are not only affecting our environment but it is also taking the lives of thousands of creatures. Because of it, every day many animals and birds die.

When scientists researched how it is taking their lives, they found that the waste we throw in the rivers, grounds or just throw it here and there cause thedeaths. In other words, animals swallow the waste while taking lives and gets accumulated in their bodies.

Poly bags, long thin items, bottle caps or pens and many other things like that can be found in their bodies.

Hearing all of this makes our heart ache. We feel both sorry for them and angry at all us. Because of us, these animals have to give up their lives. They are an important part of our ecosystem. Without them, we may not be able to survive as they maintain a balance of the ecosystem.

Because of all of this, seabirds and other animals are on the verge of extinction.

Then, what's the solution of plastics

Of course, the problem is very big and critical. But nothing is impossible in this world of science. If we have faith and hope and we work together then definitely we will be able to tackle it.

We are already taking many initiatives towards this problem. Like following the three R-rule of Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. It is a very effective way and is already showing it's results. But many people don't follow it. We all of us started to follow it then we can bring a big change to this problem.

To make more and more people follow this rule we have to bring awareness towards this problem. And have to tell them how big the problem is.

The other thing the government is doing is they are banning plastic. Because of that many people are made to use paper bags for their shopping. Many countries have banned the use of plastic and are encouraging the public to use paper bags and organic things.

If all of us follow only these two steps seriously, then definitely there can be a decline in the use of plastic items. And there isn't any need to follow any complicated things only these two steps are enough to bring a huge change towards plastic pollution.

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