Show Review : Love, Death & Robots

Roopesh Verma
Mar 23, 2019   •  5 views

Creators - Tim Miller and David Fincher

Love, Death & Robots(LDR) is an anthology series of 18 episodes on Netflix. Each show varying in length from 5 min to 17 min, having a different story, but the same theme of Love, Death and Robots. Sometimes it’s all relative, you won’t see love in all the episodes, but there’s a relationship between people and robots, which reflects love, or death doesn’t mean there’s a lot of killing, but enough violence, and robots you see in few episodes but idea remains futuristic. All these combine and remains intact in each and every episode. All the episodes are based on short stories, converted into animated episodes except one (ICE AGE).

It’s an animated series with majority of episodes with Human-like CGI or if you are fond of video games you’ll relate it a lot. Animations are spectacular with each episode having different than previous one, or same. Nudity, Violence is common, and it’s strictly 18+, as it’s rated too. But it’s not all drama, there is sci-fi, comedy, mythological and the beauty is that all this is squeezed into 10 min short animated episodes, so it makes it more exciting. Also, this show you can actually finish off in1 day, binge-worthy.

So if you like violence, futuristic stories, it’s a must watch this year!

Here’s my best 5 episodes from series:-
1: Sonnie’s Edge
2: The Witness
3: Beyond the Aquila Rift
4: Zima Blue
5: Ice Age

Special Mention: When the Yogurt Took Over

Rating - 4/5