Home to 300+ million people, and million people coming daily, in hope for better life, money and living, yet, there's so little respect you get when you are in the US soil. We all know that USA is a 'superpower', it has world class infrastructure, universities, houses but what about it’s people. This article is not a commentary on USA, but on it's people, and a very deep rooted issue which we don't know about . For matter of fact, I've never been to US, but all the news, or medium through which I know, this information is based on that. I am going to ask question and refrain from my personal thinking.

US consists of people from various ethnicity, races, religions, yet all live together, there will be differences, right? You can't understand the language, or their culture, there can be problems at time, but you still try to blend in. But, triggering someone saying, 'You Paki, go to your country', or 'Muslim, go back', it's horrible, especially for a country which has so much prominence in the world. These remarks are some real remarks which have come in news and have been viral on YouTube, Facebook etc., through phone cameras or audio by a third person or victim. And this is a frequent news which you will come across if you follow world news or are active on social media. People have been captured shouting in bus, or quarrelling with others, or doing it openly by taking out marches, it goes on and on.Expressing you anger is bearable, but embarrassing and hurting someone’s feeling is not. You read so many articles written, documentaries shot over these issue, you get so much insight and yet there is no solution for the issue, maybe it's not their job to give a solution, it's thejob of people to understand gravity. Depth of this situation, it's harassment at so many level, not physically, but emotionally, mentally, sometimes it becomes difficult for others to roam out, because people gives you a strange look which makes you house arrested. One such doc(Documentary), was about Muslims in America, who after 9/11, were triggered openly and even denied of their rights, a simple question, is this right?, and a tough one, Is there still a sense of White supremacy in people? It's 2019, a world without slavery, colonization, yet if there's a 'YES' to second question, there is something very wrong going on.

It's not all about immigrants, but Black Americans too, who are still looked with suspicion and hate. It's still , such a common thing which clearly isn't ethical and completely racist. With world class infrastructure, army, power doesn't make a country 'Superpower', but its people does. People are the one who defines the country, its people who you interact with, you learn, and if your people aren't so supportive, it does makes other question about you "Superpower-ness". I want to describe a very humorous account I came across. On a Prime Time News show on of the channels, there were 3-4 reporters and they invited Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's then Campaign Manager, and they asked her, who is the most favourable Republican Candidate, and she right away said, "For now, Donald Trump", and all the reporters had a laugh, all were surprised, and today he is their President, "Now who's Laughing?". Yes, Trump has been Racist throughout his campaign, Yes, he had differences for Muslims and love for Hindus, Yes, he has serious problem with Mexicans, and unabashedly Media was biased toward Hillary Clinton, as clear from above, and why not, she had better ideology than Trump, everyone loved for her past work as Senator for New York during 9/11, ex-First Lady and for her humanitarian work, yet , Donald Trump is the 45th President of United States of America. After all this, he is the president, and nobody have any idea, HOW?.

Yet people are living, firstly, they don't have anything better or any other option, and secondly, it's not all that bad. Majority are helpful, respectful, caring, who makes you one among them. Yet, that is one of the major issue. Though I haven't been to US, and these news makes a certain impact on me, these stereotypes come naturally, as they have for us, and picture might be different for me, when I visit it someday, but it is something even we Indians face, and these stories you get to hear from your friends and families who have been there, or live.

And that's why a question: "Is 'Superpower" a hoax?