There must have been a situation in your life where you think that even after working so hard, why do your desires remain unfulfilled? What are the things that you are lacking to achieve success?

Working hard has been a biggest problem for teens since childhood. We are being taught the tales on the value of hard work. From the triumphant tortoise who beats the hare to the father who tricks his sons into tilling the fields. They say “ just work hard". It is believed that whenever you work, you should always work hard and put in all the efforts. But, why do we need to work hard? We might as well become donkeys because donkey is known for his hardwork but not his intellect. The problem is that nobody tells you about enjoying your work.

People who are successful today are not necessarily because they worked hard but, because they knew what work made them happy. If you do what you want and enjoy what you do, then it’s not hard work. People looking at your work say, “That looks like hard work to me,” and you get to say, “Hell No! I’m having fun! This is joy, this not even looks work to me. I love putting in this sweat and blood and this toil to get here because it’s so exciting!”

A gentleman asked to mystic Sadhguru “If we want to succeed in life what plays a major role in life; luck, fate, effort and God?” He explained, “Luck, fate and God is something you cannot do anything about. They are not in our control. It is only effort which is in your hands. So, put your 100% efforts, what happens will happen. But, remember that the efforts made by you should be incisive and focused.”

Everyone wants to become a doctor or an engineer. You became a doctor and what if people start going to yoga program and stopped going to doctor. The medical business will suffer for sure. Very few doctors are being doctor because they really want to study human system and serve humankind. Others are becoming doctors only because they think it’s a lucrative business. So, don’t try to put up a recipe for your success.

You should not be aspiring for success all the time. 'I want to become successful' is a miserable way to structure your life. Success is not sitting on the top of somebody’s head. Success is when you are able to put yourself to your full potential.

So don’t think about success all the time and just give your 100% to everything you do.



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