Dialogue writing between a Doctor and a Patient:

Doctor: Welcome, What's your problem?

Anil: Doctor, I have been suffering from abdomen ache since yesterday

Doctor: Then why didn't you come yesterday?

Anil: I tried some home remedies but, it doesn't work.

Doctor: What did you eat the day before yesterday?

Anil: I had dosa for dinner.

Doctor: List what you ate for the whole day?

Anil: I ate dosa, meals, and Bhel Puri.

Doctor: All these are Homemade or Outside Foods?

Anil: Bhel Puri alone is roadside street food.

Doctor: Yes, now I understand the cause of your stomach ache.

Anil: How does it happen, Doctor?

Doctor: Fast foods are un-hygiene, non-healthy, and undernourished edibles.

Anil: Now, how to cure my stomach ache, Doctor?

Doctor: I will give you some medicines to cure. What's your name and age?

Anil: Anil sir and age twenty-two.

Doctor: Eat these tablets for three days to cure completely.

Anil: Sure. I have one doubt?

Doctor: Yeah, please clarify your doubt

Anil: Now on, what can I eat?

Doctor: Intaking nutritional foods can prevent you from diseases.

Anil: Sure. Thank you for your prescription.

Doctor: You're Welcome.