Feeling Tired Reading This Headline? Well, You Are Not Alone.

R. Bhowmik
Apr 28, 2019   •  19 views

Some days back, I read an interesting research on young people feeling tired all the time.
On further research I found, physicians having a handy acronym for this?
Guess what it’s called?

TATT - Tired All The Time.

A little presumptuous, may be?
But does that sound like you? Definitely sounds like me though. (I’m not guilty of saying that!).

However, the lingering question remains - Why are we tired most of the time?

It’s no secret that we live in a 24x7 work culture. More time spent on desks, no time to relax, long commute hours, so much content to watch, clothes to wash, food to make, extra work to do - PHEW. Writing this made it difficult to catch my breath!

Add to this lack of exercise and clean breathing air, and you get an exhaustion epidemic.

This epidemic caused by two colliding worlds!
Trying to advance and trying to slow down at the same time.

NOW, does this sound like you?

We feel the need to accelerate, expedite our work goals. We want to achieve everything quickly, as fast as possible, because kal ho ya na ho, right?

To rise in better positions or top management in your organization; the foundation has to be laid years in advance right? So we feel mid 20s, early 30s is the time we can’t “afford” to slow down. Yet, this is also the time when peoplelook after their parents, get married, have kids, explore the world. So there’s a constant demand to slow down and advance from two different directions, essentially burning people out.

This epidemic is nearing to a stage where we can fall seriously ill.

There’s also a paranoia that we will lose everything if we let go of a few things and relax.

I think there’s a social reason for this. We feel being tired is for the weak and we are not weak right? (Imagine this in Superman’s voice, his cape floating in the air and the white sparkle shining across his teeth). I am NOT WEAK.

We are marred with competition. We have pressure on our backs. We need to be best, otherwise it’s not worth it, right?

We feel that being tired or even admitting that you are tired is a sign of weakness.

And that’s where our problem lies.

We have to accept that we are humans. Yes, you read that right. We are mere mortals and we get tired. Admitting that should bring no shame or guilt - even writing about this I’m thinking, how bad the situation must be that we feel guilty for being tired?

It’s basic human necessity!

Therefore it’s time we go back to the basics. To learn how to feel better when tired and here let me share some basic tips you might want to try next time you want to slow down, relax for a while.

  1. Breathe. It’s elemental and lets you be in the present moment beating stress of the future.

  2. Connect with nature. Go out for a walk and I mean outside, where there are NO walls. And most importantly,

  3. Rest. What better way to recharge and rejuvenate than actually do what’s meant to be done - rest. For you have long miles ahead of you, and rest, will in fact save you.