Can We Make Our Own Luck To Succeed? Ft. Champions League

R. Bhowmik
May 10, 2019   •  11 views

Have you, like many others often thought, why am I not succeeding in life despite doing so much hard work and despite doing what’s asked of me?

Am I just unlucky?
Why can’t I be lucky?

If you’ve asked this question, you’re amongst the two semi-finalist in this week’s champions league. They’ve asked this question themselves, that was before they set foot on the pitch for the second leg.

Liverpool FC trailing 3-0 to the mighty Barcelona FC and Tottenham Hotspur, trailing 1-0 to Ajax Amsterdam, might have very well asked themselves, why are we where we are? Are we unlucky?

Yet, they made their own luck when the last whistle was blown at the end of second leg, winning 4-3 and 3-3 (on away goals respectively).

So what happened that they are now Champions League finalists and on their way to Madrid, rather than the opposite direction?

They made their own luck.


It’s their resilience that turned their bad luck into a good one.
Lucky people, and therefore teams aren’t always lucky, they handle adversity better.

The trick doesn't lie in the sleight of hand, but the state of mind. Luck tends to follow people who don't get gloomy when facing a problem and seek the world.

For example, Spurs could have easily given up, trailing 3-0 at the end of first half, they were ALMOST on their flight back to London. But they weren’t. They took notice of their situation, fought back, until the VERY last minute. They faced their problem head on and luck followed them., when Lucas, his back turned against the goal, kicked the ball to the bottom corner to seal the victory.

I have heard a life coach say, "luck is a skill that you cultivate". Everything you see around was started with a thought; that led to an idea.Acting upon this idea brings it to life. Thus, when you think of yourself as lucky, you increase your self-confidence.

Lucky people make the most bad situations and don't fold up - they get stronger and keep going.

And this can be very well be seen with the example of Liverpool FC, Till Tuesday, Barcelona were well on course. They were nowhere close to the electrifying 2009-12, but for once the Catalan giants were playing like a well oiled machine. Liverpool players had their hands on their heads, seemingly unable to comprehend their achievements. James Milner was in tears. Jurgen Klopp stood in front of The Kop and thanked them for everything.

They have cultivated the art of not giving up, of digging deep until they get their win. Throughout the season, I have observed that their have not put their head down and written themselves off - when faced with a huge margin to overcome. Time and again, be it a 2-0 or 3-0 trail, Liverpool have fought back this season, they’ve acted on the idea of NEVER GIVE UP and consequently developed their self-confidence as a whole. You can now rely on any team member to score, when it’s needed.

See, the thing is - lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives. Life is a matter of preparation meetingopportunity. Most of the time, we create our own reality. But the universe doesn't understand good or bad - it just resonates with you.

It's important to be prepared when opportunity strikes. And if you ever forget that, just revisit the highlights from these two games, you’ll find the motivation you need to make your own luck.

UEFA Champions League 2018-19

Liverpool FC v Barcelona FC (After trailing 3-0, score 4 goals to be finalists)
Tottenham Hotspur v Ajax (After trailing 3-0 at halftime, score 3 goals to be finalists in away margin.)

In other words, our intention has a strong influence on the outcome of what we pursue in life.



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