How often do you find yourself using the above mentioned terms interchangeably? How comprehensibly are you able to define the two?

Read on to be able to couch the difference between both the terms before you put forth either of them the next time.

Firstly, the very reason why we often get baffled between these two words is that there’s a very thin line of difference between both. Both the terms are nothing but the labels given to one’s thought or belief. The way you put across your point defines whether you’re giving an opinion or a point of view.


  • When you put across an idea on a subject, after gathering all the facts and statistics regarding the same, you are giving an opinion.

  • Opinions are often shared with confidence (assuming that one knows what an opinion really means and is sharing the same after gathering enough knowledge), on a very undisputed or unquestionable matter.


  • When you bring around a perception without really worrying about the certainty of the subject, you’re sharing a point of view.

  • A view is voiced instantly, usually in an informal conversation where either the subject is not very critical, or the communicators are not bothered about the actuality of their thoughts, or both.

Where to use what?

  • A person tends to be opinionated (in its true sense) while giving a speech, or in a discussion where the concern is planned prior to the discussion; and especially in a debate where you must fashion your “views” in such a way that it seems to be an opinion.

  • Views are exchanged in an unplanned discussion, where you must come up with something instantly (and unfortunately you don’t have an access to internet)

Now that you’ve reached this point of the article, how about telling me the difference between a judgmental person and an opinionated one in the comment section?

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