Methods To Develop Creative Thinking

Riya Jain
Jun 21, 2019   •  3 views

This article shows how creativity works, how to find your hidden creative genius, and how to create meaningful work by learning how to make creative thinking a habit.

What is Creativity?

Let's define creativity.

The creative process is the act of making new connections between old ideas or recognizing relationships between concepts. Creative thinking is not about generating something new from a blank slate, but rather about taking what is already present and combining those bits and pieces in a way that has not been done previously.

While being creative isn't easy, nearly all great ideas follow a similar creative process.

Young believed the process of creative connection always occurred in five steps.

The Creative Process

  1. Gather new material.

2.Thoroughly work over the materials in your mind.

3.Step away from the problem.

4.Let your idea return to you.

5.Shape and develop your idea based on feedback.

Developing a creative mind means allowing yourself to relax and think outside of the box. You can stimulate creativity by setting aside time to brainstorm, breaking up your routine, and by seeking inspiration from people and places around you. Travel, meditation, and positive thinking can also do wonders.

  • Set aside time for relaxing and brainstorming.To be creative, your mind should be at ease and free from distractions. Schedule quiet, uninterrupted time to relax and let your mind wander. Once everyday stress and worries have left your mind, you will be apt to imagine and cultivate new ideas.[1]Schedule this time on a day off from work, or during a part of the day when you have no commitments.

  • Avoid scheduling this time right before an important deadline or appointment, which may distract you.

Use your non-dominant hand for a short period of time.For example, you might write for 5 minutes using your non-dominant hand. Make this a daily habit. It will help activate other parts of your brain.

  • It's a good idea to do this before you start your brainstorming session. This will encourage you to think differently

  • Designate a creative space with natural light.Artificial lighting can cause a drop in cortisol levels, leading to sleepiness and reduced productivity. Natural light, on the other hand, can make you more alert. Choose a spot for your creative-thinking time that is outdoors, or that has windows that provide ample natural light during the day.[2]A balcony, outdoor patio, or quiet garden are excellent options for a creative space.

  • Time your creative sessions in the morning or early afternoon to make the most of daylight hours.