Did it ever occur to you that the religious books we read, or the trendy holy TV shows we are watching now a days could have been just another creativity.

Just imagine, a thousand of years ago, a mindbombingly creative person sitting under a tree or by the edge of a lake suddenly coming up with this storyline and then writing it plot by plot like a normal writer does.

And our great great great ancestors telling their children those plots as bedtime stories. Then out of nowhere some genius came across and marketed them as the holy books and the protagonist as the divine God.


And we accepted it because we needed someone to blame or to think of as a doer when things go wrong. Maybe people just wanted to get out of things by saying they have no control over it or that it's happening by god's will. Because we are just too afraid to accept our mistakes. You know like when things take a wrong turn, we always end up saying maybe God wanted it to be this way.

Don't get me wrong i am not an atheist or anything. I do believe in the presence of some supernatural power. But when I look around and come across these unnatural practices or theories it just feels surreal.

Maybe we developed these concepts as we couldn't just accept things slipping out of our hands. And the easiest way to get this done was by believing someone out there has already written our stories.

As we were always too afraid to actually hold the pen and be the writer of our own stories.