What if one day you wake up and realizes your creativity has left you? What will you do then? Most of us don't have answer for this question. To tell you the truth, this thing scares me to death. Not being able to get over the writer's block is definitely an agonizing thought.

The Fear

There are many reasons, stress, demotivation or just plain tiredness. Apart from all these, another would the way society tried to shackle our emotions and creativity. The fact that, we are given just a small cage to perform our tricks and have to stay there only. While there is a huge garden out there, waiting to be explored is quite distressing. Society doesn’t want to let us out from that cage.

The fear that you would not be able to create anymore or you will lose your passion is truly scary. It’s like losing yourself.  I have seen people around me, going through this and losing their patience and getting frustrated. Also self-doubt here works like an anchor that drives you crazy with the thought, that you are incompetent. While having that, we often underestimate ourselves, which led to the thinking, that we have lost our creativity.

It Will Find You

Stop belittling yourself; you are not less than anyone. When something like this happens, it’s time to explore yourself.  Read new books, go for a long walk, listen to music and decode the meaning of life again. This is a phase that gives you an opportunity to challenge your own self. Remember, your creativity may get hidden for some time but never lost. The magic of creativity is that, it will always find you, always.

In the words of Maya Angelou “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”



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Nice. Well written. 😅😅