The Beginning Of A New End - Craze For Marvel Movies.

Riya Bansal
Apr 02, 2019   •  38 views


The world where imagination begins and ends at the same time.

Marvel under the wing of the monolithic ' Walt Disney Company' is the biggest most influential force in media in our current moment. The company created and perfected the Cinematic Universe -thing every other studio wants but can't replicate.

It all started with the emergence of Martin Goodman ( January 8, 1908-June 6 1992), who was the mastermind behind all this. He was an American Publisher of Pulp magazine, Paperback books, Mens' adventure and he launched the Company 'Marvel Comics'. It was first published in 1939 when Goodman contracted with Funnie.Inc, setting the trend for superheroes with superhero titles - THE HUMAN TORCH and SUB MARINER 80,000 copies were sold. It was followed by the creation of CAPTAIN AMERICA by Joe Simmon and Stan Lee.

On the quote of Goodman-

" Lee, we gotta put out a bunch of heroes, you know there's a market for it".

The era of superheroes began afterwards as Jack kerby and Lee created - FANTASTIC FOUR.

which was Marvel's first major success and which ushered a string of hit characters including Iron Man, Hulk, Daredevil and X-Men.

This led to the formation of MCU-

The first film released by MCU was IRON MAN (2008) which began the 1st phase of the film culminating in the crossover film THE AVENGERS (2012). Phase 2 began with Iron Man 3 (2013) and concluded with Antman ( 2015). MCU is currently in phase 3 which began with CAPTAIN AMERICA- CIVIL WAR and will end with AVENGERS- END GAME ( 2019). Phase 4 will begin with SPIDER-MAN - FAR FROM HOME.

MCU build the careers or The greatest superstar of our time

Robert Downey Jr. starring as Iron Man he was a drug addict who rose from nothingness to the one we know today. MCU and the co-stars are co-existing building the success of each other.

It's not about how much we lost, it's about how much we have left.

Only a few days are left for the most awaited movie of the year and the craze has become contagious as it has infected the people of all ages but in a good sense. The thing Thanos did could be considered right in a sense but the upcoming movie teaches us that "We can not live without our loved ones, therefore, we start living for them."

It is the movie with which emotions of every other child has been attached. They are also waiting to get their tears avenged which they had shed in the movie halls for their superheroes who fight the devil.

Teaching us humanity and sacrifice we need to make to co-exist on this planet.

The coldness we saw in the trailer to bring the half universe back, can be seen in reality flowing in our blood.

True or Not?

Proving our irresistible craze for the Marvel movies.