Topics That 2019 Already Owns!

Shweta Rowlo
Jul 28, 2019   •  2 views

Welcome to the content that nobody asked me to create! But I did it anyways.

DISCLAIMER-viewers are requested to understand the article in a fun way! I have written this in context of my opinion. Thoughts may vary. Please don’t come at me in the comment section. What I mean by “owns” is basically the topics that are trending more than what they actually ever did before! So, moving on...

6 months and 27 days down and 2019 is a full-on roller-coaster ride!


Probably every YouTube addict understands this by now. How I would describe this is basically our overindulgence with natural sounds that never get boring and are rather satisfying.


I don’t really know when exactly this started making sense to people but more and more people are believing in this probably forgetting the fact that it doesn’t just apply on the person you hate. It applies on you too. *tea*

There are no “do’s and don’ts” for karma. You did it, so you pay for it!

World cup

Well! Do I even need to say anything? A world cup that probably no cricket fan will ever forget. I as an Indian was heartbroken to not see our boys in the finals; well more precisely losing to New Zealand, but then I felt bad for them too! Spectacular yet upsetting. So many brilliant shots, wickets and so many retirements! These retirements just made me age a little faster. I feel old! Damn!

MEMESI know it’s not 2019 stuff but it exists for real now. Like every other picture on internet aspires to become a meme someday. And let’s not forget that every other WhatsApp status has a meme. It’s gone that crazy. And I am not mad about it. On a sad day, I will prefer scrolling on memes over a slow song that makes me feel worse.

MasterChef Australia

Just a few weeks back, some news started to spread like wild fire and then few days back our favourites left the show. I am not shocked, rather, I am sad beyond words.


MCU is on a spree to kill and create heroes! We aren’t shock absorbers marvel!


Honestly, Iron Man, Captain America and Natasha were half of the MCU for me and marvel just kills them all in a single movie! What is up with 2019 people! It’s been few months and it still hurts to see the snap scene on my instagram search page.


Peace out!

Summing it all up, 2019 is weird if not more! Some are crazy topics and some are straight up emotions.

Thank you for dropping by! Take care!