Everything Happens For A Reason?

Riya Bansal
May 05, 2019   •  46 views
I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined and that we can do nothing to change it, Look before they cross the road - Stephen Hawking.

Everything happens for a reason!

Many people believe in this notation, but many are out there who do no too.
It may also be true the younger you are the stronger could be your disbelief about the quotation.

Not everyone believes in the existence of Karma
Not everyone relies on their palm lines for success.

But when people have to face hardships they become more vulnerable and the ordeals make their lives miserable in those moments they console themselves with this notation- that everything happens for a reason, and if these words are enough to cheer you up!Then should be consoled for that period of time. But if given a second thought to this quotation

Do you really believe that there can be a reason behind the death of a bird because of man's selfish deeds?

Can you really justify a 6 months baby getting raped where all she could is only cry!
No, Right?
Because all these things can only be called unjustified as they can never have a reason behind!

According to me
Things that happen have causes but not reasons. But that's not what people mean when they say they believe "everything happens for a reason." Those people believe that (bad) things that happen are planned to have a prearranged positive result which cannot be discerned right away. It's meant as a comforting thought and should be only believed for a short span.

As there are always some choices to make in life. You can not just sit back hoping to rely on your fait, thinking the god will provide.

Everything has a cause but not reason. The world is a neutral place, it has no mind or will.
Everything actually depends on the way we look at them.
When something negative happens it's you and your inner strength which can make you rise above all the atrocities and not the comforting quotation.

Inspiration and a lesson are all you need to grab and learn from any negative or positive situation.

Do believe that the sun will always rise and will shine bright and these hardships are just a part of your journey toward the end to make you stronger than ever before.

Therefore, things do not happen for a reason but in the end, you will find a reason to be happy with whatever has happened.

They are the results of hard work and toil and of what we preach and what we do are the cause of all things happening around us.