Zeus, the supreme god of Olympus became married to the goddess Hera. The goddess was extremely jealous of the love Zeus felt for his preferred daughter, the goddess Athena. The greatest ambition of Hera was to conceive a strong, beautiful and powerful son, who could one day replace his father like an old prophecy had written.

The desire of the queen of the skies was heard and she soon gave birth to a beautiful child, who was named Ares. The little god grew and became increasingly stronger but from an early age, the signs of his wrath and brutality were already perceptible. As an adult already, he has offered stunning armor and a golden helmet. He was the model of a perfect warrior. Now Ares was the god of war, his strive for conflict and blood horrified the other gods. Due to his violent and uncontrollable nature, some gods even feared him and so he had a bad reputation among the deities. During the clashes between the men, he was delighted by the slaughter. He did not support a quarrel just because they happened to be the fairest, the most honored or the bravest.

He tended to be found of those who were the most violent and most brutal but also used to help those who honored him with proper tributes and devotions. Zeus once said, “For me, he is the most despicable of the gods who inhabit Olympus”, since he sold the adores contention war and fights. Zeus hated him so much that he even said that Ares would certainly be expelled Olympus if he wasn’t the son of Hera.

However, Ares also had divine followers, among them was Eris, the goddess of discord, who with her ominous powers sowed all sorts of disagreements and call between men. The goddess carries with her, the children of Lemos. The goddess of starvation Algos, the goddess of pain, Panos and the goddess of toil, Lychee. After the passage of Ares and his procession, Kyrie’s appeared the divinities of violent death. These drank the blood of those who die in battlefields and drag those who deserved it directly to Tartarus.

Athena, the goddess of strategic war, was the only who strongly opposed the bloodthirsty god. Defeating the gods several times, however, not even she was capable of detaining the god’s quest for blood. Only one goddess was able to calm the violent heart of Ares. Her name was Aphrodite, the goddess of love.