In this lock down period people are delve with the thought that what to do or not to do. For this the government retelecasted the show Ramayana once again on the T. V. This show has a significant role on the people of the 90's. One of the predominant character of Ramayana is sita. Sita is the hidden role of ramayana. She is described as the daughter of the earth goddess Bhumi and the adopted daughter of janeka. She is known for her self - sacrifice, diligence, purity, and courage. Rama is considere the type of absolute and sita that of power. She is the ideal of a woman in India and worshipped as God incarnate.

Sita who is mentioned once in the Rigveda as an earth goddess who blesses the land with good crops. In the Vedic period, she was one of the goddesses associated with fertility. Sita is a personification of earth's fertility, abundance and well being.

Sita is indeed the ideal example of a woman and possesses all the good qualities that a traditional Indian woman expected to possess. She was the ideal daughter, ideal wife to her husband, the ideal mother to her twins.

After the swayamvara with Rama she accompanies her husband to his kingdom, but later chooses to accompany her husband along with her brother in law Lakshman in his exile. This shows the self abnegation of a woman towards her family.

Sita had to undergo a lot of trials and tribulations in her marital life and it was her courage and adherence that finally made her to emerge as the ultimate winner. Her birth on the earth was the ultimate challenge to destroy the arrogant Ravana, the demon of king Lanka and finally she made that and set an example for all the women.