Nowadays it’s hard to judge people on the basis of their identity and behavior. Human beings are full of secrets. Sometimes, people show us only a single side of them which they want to show us. Sometimes, it happens with us that we find some people weird and mysterious.

Secrets are the part of everyone lives. But does anyone know why do people keep secrets? People keep secrets when they want to hide mistake or keep something confidential. Sometimes when they want to save their relationships and trust they hide their mistakes. But do secrets stay hidden for forever? Secrets get caught no matter how careful you are.

“There are no secrets that time doesn’t reveal.”

It’s true that secrets are part of everyone’s life but they can’t hide their secrets for their whole life because secrets are painful and contemporary. They destroy us as much as we keep them along with us. Truth is harsh but it’s more advantageous if we reveal it at the same moment. Keeping secrets is hard as they destroy relationships, desires and distance us from our loved ones. It has been noticed that most of the time people keep secrets of desires, issues, cheating, and violation of other’s trust.

Secrets are directly linked to lies

If we keep secrets, we have to lie at different situations to hide them. We lie more and more as long as we keep them confidential. At every moment, we live in fear and have to watch our actions so that others will not able to guess our secrets. Secrets make us miserable and lonely as we keep on thinking about the consequences of those secrets. It leads to depression, anxiety and various mental diseases.

Revealing secrets is purging and reliving. If you want to confide your secrets, communication and talking is the best way. Communication makes things easier and more understanding. If you confide your secrets to someone, that person will guide you, advise you, support you and make it easier for you to cope up from your secrets. A healthy conversation can lead to healthy outlook and mindset.

If you confide your secrets, it brings only two results: bad result or good result. Bad result mean that the person will not understand your reasons of keeping those secrets and leave you and good result means that the person will understand your situation and support you in forgetting those secrets. If you have done something wrong confide them otherwise those secrets will make you frail and hopeless. Relationships require trust and understanding and if you want to make your relations work with others, don’t keep secrets. Secrets don’t have to hurt as much as they do if we reveal them.