Confession is a statement or acknowledgement of something wrong, whether on purpose or not. Confession means confiding your secrets, mistakes or wrongdoing in front of someone. Confession makes things easier. Like secrets destroy relationships, confession can save them too much extent. Confession is accepting your mistakes or something you have had done, doesn’t matter intentionally or unintentionally, in front of someone or god. Accepting that you’re extremely sorry for your doings is confession.

People aren’t taking confession seriously enough. Confession doesn’t reveal wrongdoings only. It includes confession of your feelings, emotions, respect or anything you’d done to protect someone. Confession makes life easy and helps in pondering our heart and feelings in front of others. It’s true that sometimes confessions hurt like hell but if you’re right at your place while doing that thing, instead of hiding your doings you should come up and confess them so that you don’t have to carry the burden of your sins with your whole life. Keeping secrets is the most pathetic and miserable way of living a life.

Never hesitate while confessing. Communication is the best way to ignore misunderstanding. Whenever you feel like that things are turning bad because of your secrets, it’s good to confess things earlier because if the things come out in form of secrets, it will destroy trust and relations. Trust is the foundation of relationships but if you ever commit any mistake and feel sorry for them, confession works like a medicate as it solves issues and misunderstanding in a better way.

Good confession is like confessing your feeling to someone you truly like or love. Don’t hesitate to confess your feelings until it’s too late. Future is unpredictable so it’s good to make a confession instead of waiting for a right time to come otherwise all you have to do is regret for not making a confession and you’ll surely lose that person.

Sometimes, we think we are messed up and the other person will not forgive us. Everyone commit sins and mistakes and it’s no better to way than confession to correct them. We can’t forget and remove our sins from our life but we can create a better and improved version of ourselves by confessing them to the person, we hurt. If you don’t feel free to confess your sins in front to anyone, feel sorry for it in front of god. God makes everything better and your sins create a distance between you and god but your confessions can improve the situation in the most accurate way.

If you want to live a healthy and happy life, don’t hide anything and if you ever commit any mistake, you must confess it without thinking of the consequences and result so confess it.