I might not be the girl that you'll drool over looking at,

But I would always know when you're cold.

When you look for a heart in the concrete jungle at night,

I could give you a hand to hold.

When you see my cheeks glowing red like you want them to be,

Know that I'm not wearing any makeup.

The thought of you makes my cheeks bloom,

That some people like to call love.

And it might be hard for you to desire me,

I know it from when you moved to the other end of the town.

And when I asked what you've been up to,

You never confessed that you were hunting pretty women down.

Pretty women who're not torn inside and out,

Like the scars on my heart would make the most of me.

They wear their heart on their sleeves instead

And I know that you like it that way, how fragile it is: their identity.

But when our song comes on the radio

I hope none of them would wanna dance with you to that,

Or know the secret codes you love to make up,

Or the warmth of a hand that you need at night.

When the rain washes over you someday

I hope you stop pretending that I am enough.

But I don't know how long it's gonna be

Before the truth takes away most of us.

The fallacy of every thing makes the wait sweeter

Than the day you realised you were in love with me.

You saw my pretty heart, but I guess you needed a pretty face,

Because you love everything that I could never be.