Let's Be Different, Together!

Ignoring reality and pretending everything to be under control is an age-old pretense of making everything seem fine. As time passed, people started thinking of it as an ultimate solution to every problem.

One significant instance of this practice can be seen in the ignorance of diversities and differences. We all have heard the infamous saying, “All cats are grey in the dark.” Well, this quote is surely right in every meaning of the word but at the same time, it is unethical on many levels.

All our lives, we have been taught that all Homo sapiens on this earth is equal and identical without any differences. This stance is true as long as we are referring to the core of human existence.

But we can’t possibly deny or ignore the fact that we are distinct from each other in innumerable contexts. Culture, values, language, etc. are just a few to name.  For centuries, society has pretended to be equal and indifferent in order to maintain peace and harmony, but as the developments have taken place, this false façade is slowly eradicating in front of the whole world.


Being different is generally associated with depraved terminology throughout the world. Safe to say, the reality is the exact opposite. Well, it’s time to revolutionize this convention and face the reality of being different. Societal and moralistic progress will not take place as long as the differences prevailing in the society are not embraced.

In order to do this, we need to let go of our confined and stereotypical thinking and profoundly accept our flaws.

The biggest challenge in this revolution would be to maintain the existence of universal brotherhood even after facing and confessing our difference and diversities.

But once we as a community achieve that, this world would surely be a better place free of stereotypes and hypocrisy. Let’s just come clean and confess our differences and try to lessen them cooperatively. A cooperative community recognizing their differences would be a force to reckon with!

Just imagine, how beautiful being different, together would be.




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