Can you even imagine yourself spending your whole life all alone? Like you have no one with whom you can share your secrets, happiness, tears. No one in your life to whom you will tell your success and failurestories. Friendship is a string which binds people of different nature and attitude together and friends are the one's who hold that string to stay and make their friendship work. Imagine a life without friends? Can you? Talking about myself, I don’t even think about that not even in my nightmares because without my friends, I am like a body without soul which is just useless and non- existing thing in this world.

What is friendship and who are friends?

Every one dream about having a happy and amazing squad of 12-13 people whom they can term as their friends forever and they do every fun activity together. But, does friendship is all about having people with whom you can just do fun and stay happy? No one stays happy forever in their life. Everyone faces a heartbreak moment but does everyone of uscapable to heal that pain alone? No, definitely not that’s why we need friends. Friends are those who staywith us in every ups and downs of our life, help us in grow more, embrace our personality and most important, always take care of our happiness and beautiful shining smile.

Friends are the family which we choose and create. We add and deduct so many people from this family but at last, those who’ll stay with us at the end of our journey are people worth telling as- FRIENDS.

We make so many friends in our life. Some we make in our childhood, but they part from us when we grow old, some when we become adult- they stay with us as long as them can with the close proximity. But does our age matter in our friendships? Does friendship stay only with maturity? No, definitely not because friendship is the only relationship in the world which doesn’t require any commitments and obligations. It is a bond or a relationship which works on the terms of understanding, love, care and affection we have towards any person. Our age doesn’t define how long a friendship is going to work, it depends upon the matter of how much importance we give to someone in our life and how much we’re afraid of losing them.

How can you know who our real friends are?

Real friends are those in front of whomyou can be you. In front of them, you can say anything without the fear of getting judged. While telling your secrets, you don’t feel the need of saying phrase like- don’t tell anybody. In front of them, you can be relaxed and free.

But if you’re acting different in front of them and becoming the person you’re not, then you have to make sure that , are they the same people you want to become friends with?!!!

True friends are those who always stay with you in your thick and thins, even in their absence their love and support remain always with you. Real friends are one with whom even hours feel like seconds, who celebrate our success and happiness before us, those who tell us what is wrong and right for us, the persons whom we can trust with our eyes closed, those who don’t want to see even a single tear and sadness on our face and can do anything for our happiness, those who never judge us for who we were and doesn’t matter how much annoying we are, they happily accept us.

But sometimes, things don’t work the way we want them to and we end up losing so many friends with whom we had already imagined our forever. Friendship is like a bridge, it requires foundation and efforts. Excess of love will also destroy friendships. It requires equal efforts and love from both the sides, and if even a single person doesn’t able to put efforts, it results in the end of that friendship or bond. We meet so many people everyday and make new connections and its common to feel like the new bond is keeping us more happy than an old and existing bond and suddenly, we stop giving our time and importance to our old friends but its wrong, the bond is new but this is the era in which we can’t trust everyone with whom our relationship is just two or three months old. Nowadays, people use the relation of friendship to use us and for their own benefits. But we should not forget the efforts and love of the people/friends who were with us in our hardships and should always respect them for whatever they’d done for us.

I had a really bad experience in matter of friendship. I lost so many people without knowing the actual reasons of the end of that friendship. At starting, it made me feel like hell that why did they leave me? Was it my mistake? What were the things that lack in our bond? Am I a bad friend? I tried my best to get answers of all these questions but then, I meet some new people in my life and my life completely changed. They are the people who showed the real side of me, those who always have faith in me and always support me in every decision of my life, those in front of them I never beg for sorries and apologizes, who always handles my mood swings, who helped me in correcting all of my mistakes and stopped me from taking any wrong decision, those who always stay with me whenever I feel alone and betrayed and showed me what real friendship is.

My friends are my confidence, my motivation, my happiness, my better half and they are the people on whom I can actually count on. They are the people in front of them I can be the real me. I don’t have a big group of people in my life. I have a few people in my life and they mean my world to me and I can’t be more thankful to god for sending them in my life.



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