Words From The Heart: A Collection Of Poems To Celebrate Your Best Friend

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Who's a best friend?

A friend would be someone who would never expect anything in return and loves the other unconditionally. Moreover that friendship is not measured by years instead by how much one friend understands the other. Friendship is something which should be long lasting and should be a promising commitment. Friendship never expects back anything but loyalty becomes the inevitable part in one of the purest form of relationship like friendship. A true friend never gives up his/her friend. It's sacrificial nature without any back expectations denote how purest form of relationship is. Poets who write poetry on friendship is not only a poet, but a great friend to the readers.


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Why poems on friendship?

Historically pondering, friendship's definitions change every time. Philosophers and literary writers have quoted friendship as a main theme in many of their writings. Friendship poses as an example for everything under the sun as friendship has each and every little thing and all kinds of feelings.

Friendship is not just a relationship to cherish, but it can define what life is and how well it is when it is with friendship. A good friendship is the most blissful things in this world. No one would be happier than the one who has got a best friend for life. The world's to lucky if that person who for a friend is a poet. The poet who can experience all the feelings purely in the form of friendship would be very much into writing and his expression would be very clear.

Friendship and literature


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Friendship and literature both go hand in hand as both deals with the very basic aspect called life. Friendship, the most important aspect in everyone's life is based on the reflection of how one behaves with others. Same way is literature which is nothing more than a reflection of what we call a life. Every human soul longs for a committed relationship with someone that could realize the worth of their existence. That could be anything but it's purest form would be friendship.

Not all friendship is great and sacrificial. The point that friendship is the greatest of all is behind the truth that whatever done in friendship yields something or the other. A bad friendship doesn't only stops with giving heartbreaks. It does give people lessons for life. Those betrayal and heartbreak that a friendship gives can either end or start a life. However, there comes a story which catches the poet's heart and he could write poetry behind every friendship in this world.

Poet's note to self

Every poet writes out of what he's experiencing in his life. Whatsoever he sees and those he/she wishes to remember for life is converted into words and those words has a rhythm and it is beautifully termed as poetry. Every poem brings out a new perception to everything that's around and it would be a curtain-raiser for the readers and his audience. The poet who writes poetry on friendship would definitely write out of what he has experienced throughout his life until the moment he holds his pen to write down what's in his mind.

A poem would be always objective and on the whole, A poem is a note to self and the self perceived note is shared to the world. A poet's best friend would be the words which he uses to express whatever he thinks of putting into words.

Literary examples for poetry on friendship

"A priceless Gift" by Helen Steiner Rice would be a beautiful example for what we call as friendship. The value of friendship is described very beautifully in this poem. The comparison of friendship with a gift is the best things that the poet could attribute to a friend. Poet like Thomas Teaque doesn't degrade friendship in his poem "Friends without faces". This poem States the importance of friendship in each and everyone's life. Everything matters and the same way is the feelings of one and the other. When Kathleen Benton prays for her friend for god's most loving care to be with him/her, on the other hand Danielle Enros in his poem "Friends for never" tells how bad it is to fight with a friend.


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Friendship becomes an inevitable part of our life. It is when we find its true value, we search for a pen to record its importance in words. Those poems on friendship would give us hope and say that real friendship exists and it is a record that true friendship is there and one would always find it. Historical happenings and great findings are recorded in books. How are human feelings taken into account? It is only through literature and the poets who contribute poems to it, human feelings are taken into account. The world should be grateful to have these literary contributors.



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