Friendship is the most beautiful and strongest relationship in this whole universe. Having someone in your life who cares for you, listen to your problems, guides you, support you and always stay by your side. It’s a true fact that we have better friendship with the person of opposite sex. If you have that one friend with whom you can do all your insane activities and talks, can share everything without any fear of getting judged, who will guide you about the world you never seen you’re truly blessed. This is a friendship between a boy and a girl.

Boys are said to be more better friends as they are good listeners, give better advices, have good persuasion power, know how to handle mood swings and calm their female friends, good care takers, always make you aware of other boy’s intensions and knows how to maintain a healthy friendship.

Most of the time people say that a boy and a girl can never be ‘just friends'. This is the common mindset of people that if they see a boy and a girl together that means there is something going on between them. Usually, they interpret their friendship into a form of loving relationship without giving it a second thought that they might be ‘Just Friends’. Friendship is the purest of all. No commitments, no strings attached and no expectations. If you have a boy as your friend who understand you, support you, accept you the way you are, is no less than a miracle in your life. In short, it’s a huge gift if you have a friend of opposite sex because it’s good to have a male friend than handing the relationship drama.

Male friends will irritate you, tease you, scold you but always stay by your side to be your back. They never feel jealous or possessive as they know you better than your any other female friend. Even if you fight with them, they are better aware of your drama and anger and always find ways to calm you down. Just because of them you get to know about the mindset of boys as they teach you how to deal with some stupid boys who irritate you. Its better to have a male friend than being in a relationship because in relationship you have to stay alert and protective. You always have that fear of talking to others boys. In relationship you stay controlled like a puppet but in friendship, your male friends always support you to fly high, always motivate you, never stop you from doing any childish activity, tell you how much worthy you are and let you be you always.

But sometimes it happens that some friendship get trapped in the cage of loving emotions or sometimes, infatuation. You start feeling for your friend of opposite sex because you spend most of the time with them, they share each and every detail of their day so that’s why its normal to get trapped in attraction. Sometimes, you express those feelings and sometimes not. Sometimes, your friend of opposite sex also feels the same way for you and sometimes not.

Its obvious to have feelings for someone with whom you spend your whole day or with whom you share everything because at some point of time we feel like we also need somebody who love us, care for us and support us like a boyfriend do and we get all these features in our friends of opposite sex. But before taking any further step you should think twice as it happens that these feelings always become the reason of the end of some beautiful friendships.

Don’t ruin the moments you can live together”

Just fix this thing in your mind that relationships bring fights, jealousy ,tears and sadness whether friendship bring happiness and sparkle. And in some circumstances even if get infatuated and feel like ending that relationship with your friend, end that, clearly end that useless relationship but save your friendship.

Don’t feel like there is any awkwardness between you two, just remind yuourself of those beautiful moments you spend together when you're far from these feelings because that friendship bond is the foundation of your togetherness which bring you close and keep you together otherwise, you’ll going to regret your whole life for taking that step in your life and losing your most special friend. Don’t spoil this phase of your life just for the sake of some temporary feelings. A boy and a girl can be just friends. You don’t need a boyfriend, you need a boy with whom you can be 'Just Friends'.



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thank you
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Awesome!! True 100%