Delhi Has Been Drooling Over These 9 Dishes!

Ritika Singh
Jul 16, 2019   •  7 views

Eating is one of the best things that life has to offer to us. It is a simple, yet irresistible thing, that all of us really love. Consequently, it is considered to be one of the main attractions of any place. But, as we are going ahead in time, many evolutions have occurred, same has happened to food too.

Last year, we saw many new trends of delicious delicacies getting attention from the youth in and around the capital.

Our all time favourite chinese foods were spreading all the varieties in the existing dishes!

1. Gravy momos topped all our charts. Now, you can find it at very chinese food corners. But YOU'VE TO TRY momo from MOMO ADDICTION, at SATYA NIKETAN.

Maggi will always have a special place in our heart, and now we were introduced with some absolutely hot combo


Who doesn't like potato chips, (i can't hear a single NO xD) but what if we make a little exotic for you!

3. Chip sticks - you can find it at any stalls around some markets.

When we talked about potatoes, who can forget french fries!! Right!

4. Fries - The time of simple fries has gone, now it is the era of sauces and cheese loaded fries. They are spread out over the cafes of Delhi. You can find them at satya niketan or hudson lane.

As they say, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, pizza is a live example for it.

5. The different kinds of pizza are coming out everyday like pizza in a jar or pizza roll and a unique shaped spider pizza. You can go mad about it at Nsp or any other hangout places.

Well, time is money therefore quick wholesome bites are gaining so much importance nowadays!

6. Wraps /frankies - with a diversity of filling and comfortable to eat yet so fulfilling. You can have it in breakfast, lunch, and dinner or at any time. Basically, it is that youngest kid of indian families who has to adjust anywhere!

Now, make space for some desserts (i can see your mouth has already been watering)

7. Waffles - i guess these were some absolute favourites of youngsters this year and this will continue to be! THE WAFFLE king would give you some of the best taste of life.

8. Macaroons - This is not that ancient dish, somewhat a biscuit shaped dessert with some cake consistency. The youth has been going gaga over it. L'OPERA can be the best choice to taste macaroons.

9. Exotic / creamy drinks - the refreshing yet fulfilling drinks can be your guilty pleasure. Oreo, kitkat shakes and virgin mojito have stolen our hearts.

So, i hope I've awaken your food cravings and after reading this you definitely are going out to feed yourself!