School or College there's one thing that's never gonna leave your back apart from mathematics and that is exams. That's never gonna leave our back because for anything and everything big or small we do have to pass this phase. Preparing for your exams can be pretty hard. In fact, for many students, it might be the hardest part of the year. Whether you dread it or not, exam time surely has its ups and downs.This is the exam season as all of us are wrapping up with our papers and prepping to go home these are the few things that happen during exams all the time, every time:

1. Optisim:
“I’ve got this, a whole 3 weeks left until the exam!” You’ve prepared all semester and now is the chance to prove your worth. You might not have everything covered yet, but you’re feeling well and deep down you know the portions are a lot but anyways who cares up for the challenge!

2. Anxiety:
Okay, Going through every chapter, not to mention the textbook you didn’t pick up until now, makes your hands and palms drip with sweat. Questions such as “was I even in this class?” start pestering your mind, and you foresee a lifetime to be spent in the library to cover up the damage and sometimes even flooding the entire class group with questions as to when was this done in class?It's worse when you see that the girl next to you is flipping the same book and has done everything with ease.

3. Constant worry:
Now that you’ve had a week to assess what you do and don’t know, it’s time to make your time even less productive by constantly worrying if you’ll make it or not. You spend your lunch and coffee breaks complaining and you spend your nights awake, pondering on everything from life choices to awkward situations that happened roughly ten years previously.

4. Paranoia:
Time to stop worrying and head into full crisis! Asking questions like “what is the meaning of it all?”, “why am I doing this?”, and “did the chicken come first?” is your morning routine at this stage. You end your days asking if 2+2 really does equal 4, and check with your calculator just to make sure.

5. Boredom and Procrastination:
In some sort of response to escape the exam crisis, you subconsciously start looking for other things to do. Before you know it, you wake up in a confused state after spending four hours binge-watching, scrolling through cat gifs, Instagram and talking hours to all your friends.

6. Denial :
It’s not happening!” You throw your papers in the trash and take down your calendar in a desperate effort to erase any trace of exam preparation.On a positive note, you’re really putting your effort into something for the first time in weeks. 9 out of 10 of us have done this every time and end up writing motivating quotes on our walls to keep yourself intact.

7. Acceptance ( Facing the Reality ) :
Time to face reality. You have to finish. Reluctantly, you pull the calendar up from the trash and start counting days and figure out there is still some time left. The pressure is on and you start pulling off long days and all-nighters to make it come together. Finally, you’re ready for action!

8. Freedom:
For students away for home, it's time to pack your bags and rush towards the airport and before that also update a status" Home in next few hours".

As you hand in the last exam, relief fills your body. It’s like you can breathe again. No more stress, no more all-nighters on caffeine, and no more books for a few months. You can relax, take some time for yourself, and enjoy the post-exam parties. And we deserve it all.

Let's face it and nail the exams well so that we can get back to our comfort Zone; Home.
And for those staying at home, You can go vacationing and all your long drive therapies!
All the best to everyone!



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