As the vacations have been started so here are my favorite books or novels which is absolutely amazing for the book lovers. So if you are a book lover then you must read this article. I’m going to tell you about the genre of novel, author, price and I’ll also tell you how much time will a text take. The list of novels which I am going to share with you all is really interesting and you will actually enjoy your vacations by just sitting in your gallery with a cup of cold coffee or ice tea, whatever you want. So let’s get started.

1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

This novel is detective fiction. It was written by the world's best seller author of all the time i.e Agatha Christie. There is one thing common in her novels i.e. Hercule Poirot, the detective of almost all her novels. This novel was first published in June 1926 in the United Kingdom by William Collins. The structure of the novel is set in the fictional village of Kings Abbot in England. It is narrated by Dr. James Sheppard. At the end of the novel, it includes an unexpected plot twists which maybe you have not expected. Christie has marvelously ended up the novel by shocking or surprise her readers at the end. She is also known as “Queen of Mystery”. You can complete this novel in one go as you yourself won’t be able to stop yourself to solve the mystery. So maximum in 2 days you can easily complete it. The price of this novel is Rs.150-250.

2. Pride and Prejudice

“Pride and Prejudice” is a romantic novel which was written in the Victorian period or era by Jane Austen. The original title of this novel was “First Impressions” (1796-97) which points towards 'subjective, individual experience', revised by 1813 edition as “Pride and Prejudice” that places the emphasis on 'abstract, public and social qualities'. Isobel Armstrong, notes that the change of title perhaps register a new historical situation and indicates that the text is marked, even scarred by history. One of the most important themes of the novel is love and marriage as it suggests in the very first line of the novel. This novel is very interesting and also a bit lengthy, so you can complete this novel in 4 days. The price of this novel is Rs.200-300.

3. Jane Eyre

This novel is by Charlotte Bronte who wrote about the society and the position of Governess in the society. It was first published under the name of “Currer Bell”. It was because at that point of time women were not provided with the liberty of writing book. ‘Bell’ was the surname of Bronte's sisters. This novel can be classified into three genre- Romantic, Gothic and bildungsroman. It is a very interesting novel and has a happy ending. You can finish this novel in 6-7 days. The price of this novel is Rs.300-400.

4. Frankenstein

This is a Gothic novel written by Mary Shelley and it has 3 volumes and each novel has 5-6 chapters. This novel can also be interpreted as an autobiography of Mary Shelley. You can also check my last article to know more about this novel. You can finish this novel in 3-4 days and the price is Rs.200-350.

5. Funny Boy

“Funny boy” is a coming-of-age novel, written by Shyam Selvadurai. It is about upper-middle-class Tamils in Sri Lanka. It can be interpreted as an autobiography of Selvadurai as his own experience of being gay in an orthodox society of Sri Lanka. He grew up during the escalating violence between the Buddhist Sinhala majority and Hindu Tamil minority in the 1970s and early 1980s. This book is about the emotional intensity of adolescence as he does about the wonder of childhood. The price of the novel ranges from Rs.200-350 and you can finish this text in 3 days.



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