The US Office is one of the best shows out there. This is peak of TV shows. The endless gif you send on text is by mercy of these shows with honourable mention Mr Steve Carell who plays the iconic Micheal Scott. The OG relationship goals where Pam and Jim before being goals even existed. Most of you have watched this but everyone know this show by the most chaotic fire drill conducted by Dwight played by Rainn Wilson.Who would’ve thought that a t.v show revolving around the lives of office employees working in a paper company, would bring so much joy to my life. The Office is probably one of the best t.v shows I have ever watched, due to its quirky humor and very endearing, memorable characters. Just hearing the opening jingle ( that is always stuck in my head), brings a warm feeling knowing that this will be the most entertaining 20 minutes of my life. Although, it’s not one of your typical comedy shows where you would hear the laugh tracks in the background, I promise you, the humour and uniqueness of the characters in this will make your stomach ache and have tears streaming down your face.

Now that you have recalled the show obviously I want to talk why it's so amazing and why everyone loves a good binge watch of this show.

Realistic characters

The show shows amazing characters. But why are they loveable because the characters are not flawless but feel like real human being like us . They make mistakes just like us. Most TV shows express their characters who are perfect but not here. The characters posses both types of values which are loveable but also unlikeable too.

They have story lines which we or most of us could relate too for example, Jim. We all have been in his shoes when we really like a person but all we can do is wait for them until expressing our feelings towards them.

Friendship and Love

We all need friends. They are a part of us who makes the world suck a little less. Jim and Dwight are the perfect example. They showed that they did not care for each other but they always did. The friendship between Phyllis and Stanley.The most underrated friendship.

The love affair between Kelly and Ryan, who never really cared for her unless she was gone and he came to know her value. The love between Jim and Pam is what would bring you smile as well as tears into your eyes, when their marriage was at the brink of an end. They make you believe in waiting for the right person and also love.

This show probably stands out from other comical shows, on so many levels. The way Steve (Michael G Scott) adapts to his character, such abashed-ness, no guilt, completely self-involved. Jim (John K) is a guy every office should have, coz he breaks the everyday mundane routine with such ease. Dwight's (Rainn W) portrayal is out of this world. Also, his character arc is superb. There are other memorable characters as well. Kevin, Creed, Todd, Darryl, etc.

This is a MUST-WATCH for everyone.

I highly recommend this show to someone who is dedicated to a show that has some rough areas/moments.