What is a meme? According to Dictionary.com, a meme is “a humorous image, video, piece of text that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.”Memes, our very favorite thing on social media right now! Why not, because memes surely has the potential to lift up your moods when down. Maybe laughter is all we need to cheer up our mood after a bad day! In this epoch of social media, memes have actually become an important part of everyone’s life.

1.The “Chai Peelo” Aunty

Who knew a simple Indian housemaker’s video would go viral and how! This “Chai Peelo” Aunty definitely entertained us in her videos, isn’t it Fraands? But also welcomed a lot of memes. Have a look at her video! ;)

2.The “Peeche Dekho” Kid

This Pathani Kid who literally is such a cute figure of fun helped this video go viral! Simultaneously he also has become a meme trend! Have a look at his video!

3.The Mirzapur And Sacred Games Memes

Sacred Games & Mirzapur are not only loved as a series but also for their memes! Have a look at a few! ROFL!

4.The Anushka Sharma still from the Film, Sui Dhaga

No Offense Though! Haven’t had imagined this to become a meme trend but nevertheless it became one!

5.The Priya Warrier Wink

The Social Media got no chill and helped this “WINK” of hers spread like a wild fire! And also steadily got converted into memes.

6.The PUBG Memes

PUBG Memes are also no less in the meme market! Have a look!

7.The Bollywood Wedding Memes

Be it the Deepveer (Deepika & Ranveer) or Nickyanka(Nick & Priyanka) wedding, both were an easy hunt for the memers! Have a look at a few!

8.The KBC Memes

Yes! KBC is not intended to be funny but the fixed one liners told on the show is related to various memes, have a look!

9.The Tik Tok Memes

TikTok/Musically has surely become whimsical be through its video compilations or memes!

10.JCB ki Kudai Memes

The memes on JCB ki Kudai came out of nowhere! Basically the love of we Indians for watching JCB ki kudai is taken into consideration while making this is a meme material. All memes are hillarious to watch!

11.Yuzi Chahal's pose

The Yuzvendra Chahal sleeping pose is way more funny itself with the memes arising with time. This pose of Yuzi while he was resting on field during a recent worldcup match invited alot of memes! Have a look at a few!

These were just a few, but this list would go long with time!