• Pashupatinath

This word derives its meaning from" Lord of animals". Believed to be the Patron deity of Nepal, the Pashupatinath Temple was established by king SaPushpadeva of Kathmandu in 5-century a.d.

The temple has been honored as one of the seven world heritage monuments in the Kathmandu Valley.

This sacred place, where the temple is now built used to be the milk giving a spot of a cow and later the jyotirlingam(the pillar of light) was discovered and since it is considered as the holiest site for Hindus.

On the grand celebration days of Mahashivratri, thousands of pilgrim gather in this place to invoke the blessings of the Lord.

A major portion of the temple is now converted to a rest area, and behind the temple on the banks of bhagmati Hindu crematorium ground is situated.Right on the other end, a Temple has been built in remembrance and glory of Shiva consort- Sati Devi.
( Take lots of blessings, for God, is infinite!).

  • Muktinath

This temple is dedicated to the lord of Salvation or Lord Vishnu, which is built in a Pagoda-style architecture.
The beauty of this temple is surreal to behold and this monastery also rests in the Eastern corner of Muktinath which is named as Jwala Mai or the Goddess of Fire.

Outlets of natural gas flow from within the rocks and feed the eternal burning flame.Truely a mysterious phenomena!


The Lord of Salvation is believed to be undoing the sins of many souls for the same reason a holy dip in the eight dhunge Dhara is undertaken by the pilgrims who visit here.

On your way to Muktinath, you'll witness, the deepest gorge in the world which is named as Krishna Gandaki and the river bank contains saligram( black pebbles) which is an auspicious object for Hindus.

The best part about reaching Muktinath and taking the blessings, that you Annapurna circuit trekking trail which in itself is a grand sight to behold, with is the snow-clad mountain range towering right in front of your eyes under the blue skies!

  • Manakamna

This Temple at a distance of hundred kilometres west of Kathmandu is believed to be dedicated to the wish-fulfilling goddess which is equally popular among Hindus and Nepalese.

The cable car ride crossing the green hills text you to this Temple which is believed to have spiritual powers of granting wishes with pure Intention.

It is believed that a pilgrimage to this Temple will ensure a prosperous earthly life as well as a peaceful afterlife.

With this we come to an end of such a blessed experience that is sure to stay in our hearts forever.