Every year thousands of girl child are voluntarily or forcefully trampled into the marital ties before they can blossom; before they can reach their adulthood. Child marriage in India was annulled way back in 1929 but still it stands first in supporting this pernicious practice of underage brides. Mostly in rural India, father's of every girl child finds it better to save money for the wedding dowry than wastefully investing in his daughter's education. As soon as a girl starts walking on her feet, her parents try to get rid of her and kanya-daan seems to be the only option here. The littlest brides who doesn't even know whom they are married to are ornamented with heavy jewelleries, as if a compensation for her entire life. The age-old societal tradition, the long lasting rituals and customs have crippled so much into the minds of the people that they do not even hesitate to snatch a young girl's childhood and get married to a double of her age and size person.

Causes of child marriage

Poverty: For poor families with many children, marrying their daughter off early can mean one less mouth to feed, clothe and educate. Sometimes the girls themselves believe that to curb the impoverishment, marriage is the possible solution.

Gender equality: Daughters are seen as liabilities. So books and toys for them are unnecessary. Girls are suppose to stay inside, learn how to cook and take care of the house rather going to school like the boys.

Apart from these factors, there are few age-old societal traditions, the long lasting rituals and customs that have crippled so much into the minds of the people that they do not even hesitate to snatch a young girl's childhood and get them married toa total stranger. In many cultures, the risk of girls' losing their virginity to others (and not husbands) is the prime reason for early marriage.This ensures that they remain virgin until marriage and prevent babies out-of-wedlock.

Impact of child marriage

Health issues: Young girls (below 18years) face higher risks of experiencing dangerous complications in pregnancy and childbirth, contracting HIV/ AIDS and even suffering from physical domestic violence.

Income deficiency: Since most of the child brides are school-dropouts, they have very limited access to create their career and earn wages.

Remedy of child marriage

Parents need to understand that girls are as equal as the boys and with the right, quality education and awareness they can be beneficial to combat the volatility of life. Girls can bring honour and respect for a family, even for a community once they're free from the clutches of societal norms.