And my Mom says

I can wear my favorite dress, dark lipstick, learn to swim, fulfill traveling the World dream, pursue my career, take my own decision and all ....... only after marriage.

And all I did was dream’t of marriage while covering my notebooks, packing school bag and got myself involved in the audition of being a good catch for the wed.

And when I told my friend about how all our restrictions are going to end after this as her Mom too told her the things which she loves to do, are the things to be done only after marriage.

And now don’t blame your daughters for considering Marriage as a destination.

And no wonder even after I reached my destination, I am still heartbroken.

You failed to tell me Marriage is another journey, Unfulfillment of my expectations, curbing my voice and surpassing my feelings, which would have been less painful if you had not let me consider Marriage as an escape route.

And here I promise myself to not raise my daughter with the same belief.

Instead, I’ll tell:

Marriage is another beautiful journey uniting two souls together, involving a lot of responsibilities and sweet sacrifices throughout the lifetime, so be wise enough to not wrong yourself on this librate decisions.

Education and career will fulfill all of your dreams consider them as your escape route cause my child you will be never heartbroken with these two.



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Choose wisely what you have to escape, ryt!!!?
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