Love Marriage Or Arrange Marriage

Alka Agrawal
Apr 01, 2020   •  45 views

"Marriages are made in heaven."

We all have heard this phrase at least once in our lifetime either in movies or Books or from any person, does it truly happen? Why then marriage break? The point is if marriages are made in heaven who decides if it has to be arranged or love. Or it is just the society that decides it?

Marriages, either love or arrange is a bond between two people. It requires trust and understanding between those two to build their relationship. Both Love marriage and arrange marriage have some boons as well as some loopholes over each other. Some people prefer Love marriage over arrange as in love marriage we choose the person and have a better understanding of the nature of the person we want to spend our life with. While some consider arrange marriage as the best.

It is difficult to decide which one is better over another. Neither love marriage nor arrange marriage is better over one another. Better is how people will prefer to have their marriage like. If you want your marriage to be a love marriage there is no other better option or if your heart believes in arrange marriage then why bother, just go with it.



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