I woke up to pattering sound,

With a familiar fragrance.

My nose danced with joy

by the evocative aroma of the awaiting rain.

I stood by the window,

Drops sliding down on it.

Listening to the cool silence of the drops,

The knot in my chest became lighter,

As the breezy wind embraced my cheeks.

The gravel- gray hides the

Cocktail-blue sky.

Every dead flower,

Bloomed again.

The world around

Softened a bit.

Streets and footpath

Turned into liquid mirrors.

As the raindrops fell to the ground,

Happiness mingled with the mud.

Children splashing through the puddles,

And love surrounding the bench in the park.

Rain replaced sorrow and filled the sky with bliss.

The sky cried out and it's tears

Washed away the drought,

Wet the throat of the crops,

Every soul blooming with life anew.

I stepped out,

And felt the soft drops on my face.

My spirit began to soar.

Icy shade of the drops gave me chills.

My heart fell open,

As I stood in the rain.



Profile of Gauri Mangal
Gauri Mangal   •  37w  •  Reply
Beautiful 💖
Profile of Ridhima Aggarwal
Ridhima Aggarwal  •  37w  •  Reply
Thankyou so much <3